Friday, August 20, 2010

Make BMTC complaints online

Now you can make BMTC complaints online. You can register BMTC complaints regarding these problems
  • Ticket not issued
  • Abusive behaviour by driver or conductor
  • Conductor demanding more than normal ticket fare
  • Driver talking on the phone
  • Driver over-speeding
However you need have following information to make your BMTC complaints
Route number*      (e.g. 95A)
Location (nearby stop)*      (e.g. after Water Tank bus stop)
Date - Time*     — :
Bus Registration Number      (important)
Contact Email Address      (optional)
Conductor name      (if known)
Upload photo etc

So go and make your BMTC complaints Here


Manju said...

"Worst Volvo Bus 500 Series Service after 7.00 PM"

I used to travel by Volvo bus everyday from Silkboard to Hebbala. I would like to thank the BMTC Management for the Fantastic service in the morning. But, I have also seen the worst service after 7 PM from Hebbala to Silkboard and No Timings buses even though lot of companies are situated from Hebbala to Silkboard. I was waiting more than an hour many days.

I kindly urge the BMTC Management provide some Volvo 500 Series bus after 7PM to 10PM for every half an hour atleast for all the working days.

chitra said...

hi this is chitrasrinivas. today on 26/10/10 i was travelling in the bus rout ni:271D. bus no:KA 01 F-4539. depot no:30. around 10.40 am. which travells from majestic to jalahalli village according to the given rout. but today when the bus reached near chowdeshwari, after leaving mattikere the bus suddenly stopped and was told to get down from the bus to all. as it was urjent, when asked the reason driver started using rash words. and the bus went return to majestic from that place. this is been repeating in this rout regularly by that rout driver, cant be tolerated any more. so please kindly take action on who is resonsible for this inconvience caused to all in the bus.

mohan said...

i'm a 1st year Bsc student...there are not enough buses on begur route...especially in the morning from 7-10 there are only 2or3 buses thats all...all collage student,old aged and even ladies stand on the footboard and travell here....this part of the people would be really greatful and thankful to bmtc if they arrange a few more buses to this route at this particuar timings....please care for the safety of the people

sunny said...

Hi, I want to know the last bus time and timings of 12B (bus number) from Majestric.

pallavi said...


I have to travel daily from Bangalore central to Sarjapur Road.I have only one direct option of travelling in G3. But,the G3 bus drivers are so rude and mean that after 7Pm they switch off the front bus number/route display and they literally tell that the last stop would be Koramangala Depot (but the bus is supposed to go till sarjapura). When we asked them why the bus is not going,they says our duty has got over and we have our wifes and children waiting.

They talk so rudely, as if other people dont have their families.

This is their daily excuse,with which common public has nothing to do with that.Government should look into this matter because public is suffering with this daily. The same reason was given by all G3 buses coming that time.

I am providing the bus number of one G3 bus which I could note down that time - KA012241

Please look into this matter,otherwise common public will not tolerate more,once metro comes in action.

Looking forward for the co-operation.

Thanks & Regards,


PRINCE said...

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sowmya said...

worst travel option is buses from kammagondanahalli to shivajinagar.

I am regular traveller from kg halli to shivajinagar. I would like to really thank BMTC for such a worst service of buses provided to us living in this locality. Buses dont come on time the bus nos.270D,270G have impossible timings but nobody dares to question them. If asked they use rash words or say there is no collection in this route the buses which i travel are always and there is no question of not having collection only 1 to 2 hour once are the bus services. Only one bus travels to and forth so cant expect it to come on time. I am fed up with BMTC services, it is better we get private services to provide us some better buses.

ghoti said...

There are volvo buses from hebbal towards silkboard after every 10min in the morning. But i dont know where they disappere in the evening in the return route. There are no buses between 7pm to 8pm from silkboard to hebbal. Please can bmtc take note of this.

Sujata said...

"Really pathetic Volvo Bus series services after 7:00 pm"

I travel from Silk Board to Kalyan Nagar daily. Earlier the frequency of buses from Silk Board to Kalyan Nagar was good. But, from past 2 months this frequency has been drastically reduced. Due to this, lots of people have to travel in buses which are badly packed. Sometimes the driver has a really tough time closing the doors.

The only options available to the passengers are either travel in the stuffed buses or wait for more than 50 mins for the next bus.Again, lady passengers are stranded at bus stops till late in the evening which is not safe for them

My most humble request to the BMTC management is please increase the frequency of the buses, atleast on weekdays- evenings .

sanjay said...

Please increase the bus freqency from APC circle ( Jigani ) to Jayadeva after 8 pm, as daily we have to wait for one and half hour for a bus during night time

Roopashree said...

Today (May 27th 2011) i got into the BMTC VOLVO (KA 01 F 4527) at around 9.30 AM at Kundhanahalli Bus stop. And asked the conductor to give the ticket(worth Rs 15) by giving Rs 100. Since i was not having the change, the conductor asked me to get down from the bus somewhere in middle before the next stop arrives. It made me to walk untill next stop to get another volvo. Still i was tensed that wheather this conductor will scold for not having change.

I didnt arrgue with the bus conductor because i have seen conductors scolding and using bad words to passengers who are not having change. I am writing this complaint because i have seen uncountable times these conductors scolding, using bad words, making people to get down from bus(somewhere in the middle).

I unserstand that it will be helpfull if we have change with us. we always try our level best to have change with us. But sometimes when we dont have change we shouldnt be made to get down from the bus somwhere in the middle.

I request BMTC to take action on this.

Messi said...

you can contact 18004251663 Or you can email your complaints to

resh said...

Resident of Arekere Mico Layout

"Bus numbers 364A,369h timings 9:00Am does not come to the last stop Arekere Mico layout."

I usually travel in this bus which arrives to the Arekere mico layout bus stop around 8:45am.But nowadays this bus doesnot come to the bus stop at all.Instead he goes straight to Meenakshi Temple due to lack of passengers.This has really created a problem to all the residents of Areker Mico layout.I am posting this mail on behalf of all the residents of Areker mico layout.Please do the needful as soon as possible.

bhaskaran said...

I travel by 127 route almost daily and the bus no. KA01FA 460 conductor is asking us to retain the ticket without tearing or crumpling and has to be returned to him while getting down. If we don't do so he shouts at vulgar languages especially on girls and ladies. Can someone take some action on him

acchumammma said...

infrequnt volvo services and high and exhoberant ticket prices.
I have been a daily traveler in volvo route 365, previously there was a volvo running between jigani to majestic at 8 am right now they have stopped the services and I need to travel to gottigere to catch a volvo to jayadeva and then from there to banashankari or elsewhere. There is no volvo running between either from jigani or bannarghatta circle or national park, we need to wait till 9 to get a volvo from that end. I am monthly pass owner and the recent hike for monthly pass to 1450 is really chumma high to afford by common people, 50 rs hike you can tolerate but 100 rs, daily volvo monthly pass owners should protest against this in view of high price and poor service rendered to the citizen of bangalore.


prabhu said...

BMTC has introduced a new bus stop between Nagarabhavi Circle and Nayandanahalli cross (Mysore Roard).Route No.500K Volvo Vijayanagar to ITPL plays in this route. But drivers refuse to stop in this new bus stop (Nagarabhavi I stage III block) stating that they have no instructions from BMTC. I request BMTC/Sarathy to instruct the drivers of Volvo 500K to stop the buses in this new bus stop

Jagdish said...

Hi I am Manoj & I work for one of India's big Software company in Electronic City, my residence is in Bhadrappa Layout(near Hebbal), my office bus service is only till Hebbal so I have to take a BMTC bus from Hebbal to Bhadrappa Layout(that's just 1 stop) which costs 4Rs/- but I have seen most of your BMTC conductors do not issue a ticket & they take 3Rs/- & give me 1 Rupee back, if asked they say its ok as it is just for a stop & no one will catch me, this not only happens with me but also with most of the passengers travelling in this route from around 7-9pm, so please take necessary action against these conductors.

hecnr said...

We used to travel by car everyday from Kundalahalli to ITPL and we have observed that Volvo buses are generally agressive on the road. One instance happened yesterday when a driver of 335E- KA01FA0927 cut us agressively from the left to pass another bus, in the process pushing us towards the median. The driver neither indicated nor slowed down.

Narayan S said...

Though Banashankari new bus stand has been completed, many buses that goes towards City Market, Majestic, Silk Board are parked on the roadside all the times creating a hell lot of traffic jam. Please take necessary action on this.

sanju said...

Hi this is sanjeev from muthyalnagar.Many people go to work in the time range of 7-9 AM. There are no buses at that time. There were 6 buses namely 271D, 271K, 270E,270C, 271J, 401P. The frequency of the buses were also good. But from past a couple of weeks, 4 buses are cancelled. The people of our area don't know why the buses are cancelled. There are many many students who travel by buses everyday in our area.
All the buses are to be catched only at Mathikere which is 3 kms from our area. Please take the necessary action to increase the frequencies of the above mentioned buses. Auto drivers are very rude in our area and don't come to our destination
Please take up action or else the people of our area will complain to higher officials. Increase the number of buses rather than increasing the number of autos..

Anonymous said...

This is Geetha,Yesterday evening when i was travelling in bus route 42-Manyata Tech Business Park from JP Morgan(kadabisanahalli) to KR Puram railway station the conductor gave me Rs.30 ticket instead of Rs.25.. I said him i travel same route everyday and cost of ticket is Rs.25 he argues with me in kannada and said ticket cost is Rs.30 only.. it wasnt BIA standards also..
Please have a look into the Issue of ticket cost
Bus Number:KA01 FA1841

Nan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nan said...

This is Nandhakumar, Vidhyaranyapura.

Today I was travelling from Dwarakar Nagar to Yelahanka in bus no: KA01 F 1766. Date: 09.10.11, time 5.30 PM to 6.00 PM. I have given Rs.50/- for Rs.9/- ticket. Conductor issued me a ticket and he has not given any change (also not written any thing on my ticket). Before getting down I requested for my change. He argued me in very bad language and finally he has not given my change of Rs.41/-. That conductor does not have any name patch and he does not want tell his name too. As per him passengers do not have any right to ask him except their higher officials. Bus driver also requested him to speak properly and ask him to issue my change. But conductor doesn’t want to mind anything.
Very worst experience what I had with conductor. Kindly take necessary action….

guru said...

harish said
please provide more bc2 bmtc bus
that is from kodathi gate to varthurv
via kachamaranahalli, mullur, gunjur

guru said...

please provide more bus that is bus no. bc2
(that is from kodathi gate to varthur via mullur, kachamaranahalli, gunjur)

guru said...

please provide more bus
that is bus no. bc2
from kodati gate to varthur
via mullur, kachamaranahalli, gunjur

jesse said...

i am a regular traveler in Volvo bus towards electronic city. i have recently noticed that the buses are infected badly.. there are cockroaches and bed bugs every where in the buss the keep falling from the ac vents, the are on the seats, the gaps in the bus ceilings and sides..the bus also smells of these insects specially 356n and 360b. its being very disturbing please take action! .

Karthikeya said...

I travel daily from mathikere to itpl. I took volvo pass but it seems to be no use. There are no volvo buses plying through mathikere. But it is ok. I have to change two bus from mathikere to reach hebbal. Also from hebbal to itpl i need to change 2 buses. Even though there is direct bus from hebbal to itpl (i.e. hopeform bus) it takes very long time to reach itpl. I request BMTC officials to ply some volvo buses from hebbal to itpl directly not through marathalli bridge. It takes hardly 10-15 mins from tin factory to itpl. But in current situation the volvo bus travel from tin factory to itpl via marathalli bridge which takes almost 40-50 minutes. I request bmtc officials to consider this issue & ply some volvo buses from hebbal to itpl directly & not through marathalli bridge.. Please please. This might help so many people...

nandita sanyal said...

Attention to Yelahanka route buses

Very less Yelahanka route buses, like G-9, 404A-J etc. Specially after 6.00 pm.
IMMEDIALY G-9 should start operating as per schedule to meet the rush.

Vidhya said...

I guess BMTC should run anger management class to its employees.. i dont think dropping a complaint in the drop box or adding a complaint on this website really helps..

BMTC is considered to be public transport and the income to BMTC is also from the public then why do their employees treat public as thier enemies... this is very bad to say that especially lady passengers have to go through such situations in their daily public trasports.. As ususal i took the 335E bus to Domlur from Majestic.. the crowd was considerably more either the timely bus had left early or hadnt come to the main bus stop yet.. so the crowd that could fill 2 buses was waiting to get a bus at the most peak hour of the day(9:00am).. there comes this blue volvo bus and people rushed and the bus was filled throught.. the driver of this bus was very abusive to a lady passenger from the start.. he never stopped near all the recomended bus stops.. so it was my turn to get down near Diamond City.. was already ready close to the door.. had to push almost every body on the way to reach the door.. but he didnot give a stop there.. instead he had opened his door in a traffic jam before the stop for about 15secs and expected us to get down there.. in 15 secs.. when asked for a stop.. he was very abusive and told he wouldnt give a stop.. after a few cross talks he opened the door.. 100mts from the designated stop.. i'm not sure what the management of BMTC is doing.. i understand this might not be a big and important complaint to them.. but it is not acceptable that its employees being abusive to the passengers.. from whom their reveneue is made.. not just increasing the value of tickets.. there are some basic things that have to be taken care.. we are not out here to take abusive words form your employees.. we pay for the service.. and not using it for free.. also to add on.. i have also come up few situations that the conductors do not even give the change back if you have paid excess to your ticket.. if you ask for it they come back real harsh on you.. Feeling bad that this is the type of public transport that we are using in the metro city.. Hopeless service!!!

nandita sanyal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nandita sanyal said...


(1) BMTC bus drivers and conductors are very very rude to public. Sometimes it is very dangerous for life too. Their attitude is they are doing a favaourable social work for the public !!

(2) BMTC bus drivers don't care of others' property (cars etc). Mostly, to be the highest property dameger in the country !!

(3) BMTC bus distribution needs attention. 5 mins - 10 mins a gap should be maintened between two buses of a route.

(4) Shortage of conductors in various routes causes less bus on road. 80% in PUC and 3000/- salary may be the cause of such problem.


M said...

Is the BMTC bus service a Public transport service or is it run at the whims and fancies of the drivers? this is a problem which the authorities do not seem to bother about. The construction of flyovers has unfortunately encouraged drivers to avoid stops that are below the flyovers and use the flyovers instead, to add to the miseries of the passengers. One such example is the veerannapalya stop before hebbal. There are lady passengers who get down at that stop late around 9 pm. The drivers stop before the flyover or after the flyover. The service road on either side to reach veerannapalya is lonely and frightening. Why aren't the drivers stoping at the right stop? Why don't the authorities dismiss the errering drivers who don't bother about inconvenience they cause to passengers?

Do authorities really take action on these complaints ?

Sasmita said...

This is Sasmita from Orissa. I had a very bad experience in BMTC local buses running in the city on my way to my office today.
I have been before 5 year in Bangalore, traveled everyday in these buses fro 8-9 months, but never came across such mis-behavior of a bus conductor.
The conductor would have been in his age of 50's, hefty body.
Bus was bit packed. I had just got into the bus, the conductor rushed into and pulled my hand so hardly backward, that the pain lies for 1 hour.I came to office and could not control my self and cried a lot not of the seviour hand pain but the behavior of the conductor.
I still told cooly, 'going wait' he was shouting in kanada which is not understandable added in it 'or else get down'
I told ' please behave properly, i got up in ur bus don't not mean u will misbehave. do u knw how did u pull, that to a girl. He was literally showing his big big eye and telling - 'shut up ur mouth'.
Just think of the situation of a girl, suffering from pain of the pull and the conductors misbehavior.
Its very much painful to work for 9-10 hr after this disturbance.
I would request the management to kindly give some pre - human behavior trainings. So that people as me coming from different part of country start hating people of Bangalore and not get into these buses.
I WOULD like TO MENTION BUS NO -215A [KA-09 ,F-1791]running through JP NAGAR 6TH PHASE.
Hope sudden action will be taken for the betterment of tourist in B'lore


Dr.Madhu said...

I daily travel from Attiguppe, to Janatha Bazar,. i usually go to busstand at 10 am. literally there are no buses at all from 10 am to 11.30 am. Only if the bus which come at 9.45am is late we get that bus i.e,410A and banashankari bus, or else we do not find any bus. i usually wait and go in auto many a times. Even while returning from janatha bazar to vijayanagar, there are hardly few buses. especially on saturdays we don't find any bus to return to attiguppe, from 1 pm onwards.
So I kindly request BMTC Management to kindly provide good bus frequency to this route< normal buses and A.C,volvo buses> on week days, including saturdays.
Thanking u

Piyali Sarkar said...

Hi this is Piyali. today on 09/02/2012 , I was travelling in the bus route ni:331A. bus no: KA 01 FA-2158 around 10.15 am. which travels from Kadguri to Shivajinagar according to the given rout. but today when I get into the bus and gave the 500/- for getting the ticket, the conductor started shouting on me and asked me to get down from the bus as I was unable to give the exact change for bus fare. He was using the rash words as well as the driver was driving so rashly that it may lead to road accidents. It’s not only me who faced this situation today. Everyday many passengers face the abusive behavior by driver or conductor. So please kindly take action on it.

Akshata said...

Today 13 feb.Route 43B. Route from KBS to hosakerhalli. Time around 5.30 pm i climbed this bus at Ganeshbhavan bus stop.The driver is a Muslim .He does not give enough time for the passengers to climb .Before people would climb the bus he said climb fastly and left .I was about to fall but somehow holded firmly the bus.I request the bmtc management to take corrective actions against such drivers and the conductor who did not care about the passengers who were about to climb the bus.Bus no is KA-01 F 9376.

I also request the authorities to check all the bus timings of route hosakerehalli. Because when buses come many come together at same time and during other time none of buses would be there and passengers have to wait for long time.Hence please provide correct schedule of buses plying and make the buses to run at scheduled time which is of great help to all passengers travelling to and fro from Hosakerehalli 43B last bus stop.
my name is Akshata.

Govardhana said...

I am regurlar traveller from Mejastic to Accounts office (Near India gurage Vivek nagar) by Volovo from past 9 months.. Daily conductor issue the ticket to accounts office but weekly twice or thrice driver will reject to stop at that stop... By the initative of "BUS DAY" i started travelling by volvo bus avoiding my car... This is the poor service which i am getting from BMTC volvo drivers???? Kindly take stpes to improve the services offered "we are not asking us to drop @ our door steps we are asking you to drop us where ever bus stops are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anu said...

There are no k3 buses from jayanagar 4th block to kormanagla between 8.15 to 10.15am.Please do some arrangement of k3 between the above time, cos we find very difficult in morning. After 10.30 many buses r there every 15 min.

manoharababu said...

they ar not issue the pass holder passenger

Viju said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, the residents of Yeshwanthpur, who work at Koramangala Inner Ring Road, are totally dependant on BMTC buses for daily commuting. We are finding it very difficult to reach office on time everyday.
The bus timings have been changed without any prior intimation (Bus Number-K1). To reach our respective offices at 9.00 AM we used to take the 7.50 AM bus from Yeshwanthpur. Now the bus comes at 8.15 AM but due to heavy traffic in the morning we reach offices only by 9.45 to 10.00 AM at the DELL Bus Stop, Koramangala Ring Road.
Going back in the evening to our homes is also a major safety issue, especially for women commuters as there are no fixed timings and no direct route allotted from Koramangala Ring Road to Majestic/Market/Yeshwanthpur/Shivajinagar bus stops. Majority of us leave office by 6.30 PM and all buses have fixed timings before 5.30 PM and after 7.30 PM. We find great difficulty in catching any bus post office-hours. Sometimes, even after waiting till 7.30 PM we are not sure of catching any bus to home.
Our every day travel has become very difficult due to the above. We request you to kindly look into the matter at the earliest and allot fixed buses for 7.50 AM from Yeshwanthpur and buses at regular intervals in the evening from 5.30 to 6.30 PM from Koramangala Inner Ring Road (peak office closing time for most offices).
Thanking you. Look forward to early action on the bus timings issue and connectivity.
Yours sincerely,
Yeshwanthpur Residents.

venkat said...

Hi this is venkatesh. today 29/02/12 i was travelling in the bus route no MBS14 which travells from Shivajinagar to JPNagar as the regular bus route is via Chinnaswamy stadium, Musium , Mallya Hospital, but the driver deviated route to via vidhana soudha & i asked conducter about this he said to ask driver and asked the driver about the route change he starterd volgure language (screwin about my mother & sister) and he stopped the bus in the under pass at the KR Circle and rised his hand to hit me even i having the meeting in the office so i got down in the under pass and gone to the office by 3 kms walk is it is the way to behave the driver as he is an a public servent and he is doing roudysum on public, this is cant be tolerated if the public will start against the staff of BMTC. So please kindly take action on who is resoponsible for the inconvience caused.

murali said...

"Worst G4 service"

I used to travel by G4 everday from Hulimavu to Brogade road,I board the bus from 8:30 a.m everyday,but this bus will not be coming 2-3 times in a week on time and no buses will be coming in b/n 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Kindly add some extra buses in this route.


murali said...

"Worst G4 service"

I used to travel by G4 everday from Hulimavu to Brogade road,I board the bus from 8:30 a.m everyday,but this bus will not be coming 2-3 times in a week on time and no buses will be coming in b/n 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Kindly add some extra buses in this route.


shashidhar said...

There is no proper bmtc bus stop @ Jalahalli cross. The busses which stops at one place s not stopping at the regular place. There is long distance between the new stop and the signal stop. It has created lot of inconvenience for passengers moving towards Peenya 2nd stage.

lavanya said...

my name is lavanya...i 'll daily travel from sarakki 2 deepak nursing home but from one year i travel in the same pass ,pass is perfect but conducyor ave plucked my pls i must get back my pass agian............

Latha said...

Bus roots all 500 series(KBS to Kadugodi).. all buses in this root....
Hi Can Anybody take serious action on BMTC bus conductor and draiver.
They behave has if they are the owner of the bus.They neither give change/Ticket itself.If we demand for ticket then they will start shouting at us. No one is thr to control.

Adithya said...

Hi Sir,

This is Adithya. Today i.e., on 09-04-2012 I was boarding in G3 bus where the checking people got into the bus and asked me for my college ID but I had left it in other bag so my pass was retained by the checking people.(this was my mistake I agree). But in the same bus a lady with a KSRTC pass given for the staff's children had a route from Tumkur to Bangalore and was eligible to travel only in KSRTC but then also that lady's pass was not sized. So I cross questioned the TC asking that why did you leave her without fine or seizing it instead I got a answer saying that it was a staff's children pass so she could travel anywhere. Now what about me i have paid Rs 4420 and my pass is held but an invalid pass is exempted. Why is this discrimination and some one help me in filing a complaint. my number is 9986236833.

appu said...

Hi, we use the bus for travelling purpose and not for any other thing..Even after giving money if conductor refuse to give ticket means whose head ache is this??? what we want is to travel safely to our destination not to quarrel or fight with conductors.. but the thing is ticket checker gonna collects fine form us because we will be not having ticket... so my suggestion to BMTC is to clean among yourselves first then look in to other..

Chandrika.C.M said...

To Honourable Transport Minister,

My name is chandrika.C.M. I daily commute from Wilson Garden to Koramanagala to attend office. I am finding it extremely difficult to reach office on time due to delay in getting the buses ie. route No. 171 series from Majestic. I am fed up of wating for these buses both morning & evenings. Like me many others are suffering from the delay. Hence request you to kindly advice concerned officials to take suitable action against erring drivers, conductors to maintain the timings in trips. I need to reach office sharp 9.00 am daily. This Transport facility to help public that too middle class people like us. Hope you will consider our plea favourabley.

shruti said...

Please provide Volvo facility(171 route) from mejestic to koramangala.

shruti said...

Please provide Volvo facility(171 route) from mejestic to koramangala.

Malathi Venugopal said...

The Hebbal ring road buses do not stop at Kuvempu Circle (before Devinagar). The people commuting via New BEL Road, have no option other than the Kuvempu Circle stop. Even if buses are not crowded, the drivers do not stop here during the peak hours of 8:30 to 9:30 range. Please appoint a bus checker at this point, and ensure that buses stop here. Also, please, provide extra buses during these hours to reach Hebbal, Marthahalli, Silk board. Having taken bus passes, it is not feasible to use the private cabs which are plenty than the BMTC buses.

Saswati said...

I am a daily commutor of BMTC VOLVO bus. Today for some help I called to BMTC toll free no. but the team sitting over there was so un educate & have no seance how to talk. @ times I called 1st one guy took call & while I asked his name he refused to share . 2nd time while i called Babita took call & she just asking me to give Bus registration no which I unable to note because bus does not stop on respective stoppage. For that bus only I was waiting for 15 mnts at bus stop & i forced to take a auto to catch the bus but I couldn't. The executive at toll free no ( Babita) still asking me bus no which I don't have. I already mentioned time & rt no but finally she stick on her & told that I should note down bus Registration no. How will note ??? Should I run behind the bus , but she was stick on her query.

Can BMTC educate these executives to be more sensitive??

Bus no for which I was waiting was 276G . This Volvo bus goes Directly Electronic City from Vidyanarayanpura.


rani said...

I am completelly agree with the complaint becoz in every alternate day i am facing the same problem some time conductors misbehaves sometime they are taking money and not giving tickets and any change also like if i am giving rs.5 then they are not issuing any tickets and not giving any money is happing with me in every alternate day..sometimes if we are giving money like Rs 50 or more then also they are not witing any balanced money on the back of the ticket if i am asking then they will shout and tell wait i dont have change they never gives back those amounts, even if i try to ask then he wont come infront becoz of excess rush its not possible to reach him..and sometimes conductors are abusing and commenting in kanada with bad words not even only with the male but with lady also, if they understand that we dont know kanada..yesterday in 401M same thing happnd with me, i took the tiket from deepacomplex(nagarbhavi) to the stop before BDA complex i gave rs.4 for that becoz i had went there earlier in rs.4 so i took ticket i knw that it comes under papready palya stop.but next stop to deepacomplex conductor start shouting to get down i was with my husband who was in last seat he asked what happend to me, i try to told him about this, but before to this conductor started misbehaving with me.he started telling something in kanada and hindi (chal bhag bhag...ja-ja etc) when i was getting down from the bus.and when my husband asked conductor that how much for the next stop, or what is the name of next stop, he started shouting and abusing and then fighting.there only one police was there he came and he was near to beat my husband with his stick without listening anything..we felt very ashmed with this incident.becoz we dont know kanada is it the fault, that police should atleast have heard about the problem.but becoz we are from the other state other than kanada he started torturing to my husband..

ashlesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ashlesh said...

"Conductor not standing by his words, bad behavior"
i stay in velankini gate and whenever want to travel to channasandra(near uttarahalli)
prefer 378(electronic city to kengeri) but today and unseen event took place , i was first person to go into the bus as the bus stoppped wipro gate, so i went inside and i went to the last as that route lot of ppl cramp in within 2 stops,so when i got inside even bus conductor told me to go inside and till the end as he said (at 6:10 pm ).but after the next stop i shouted for the conductor to come as i was ready with the money, but that guy went down the bus and took ticket of others as if he was not interested in giving the ticket, in the very next stop checking took place and within a minutes that guy(who checks the ticket) reached to me after looking for tickets ,i told others who were there in the bus the case who were next to me , they also told me we people are with you and we people will help you out, after that guy who was checking ticket reached me and told me to show the tickets i told him that this is the case as told above and he should help me out with this as its the conductor responsibility to see to it, but on the other hand conductor told me that he din`t even hear me and he told several words which i was not able to understand but after telling and discussing with him finally he gave a slip of RS 160 to sigh which is really rude as others was also with me not to sign but as an individual i had to sign, as others where having tickets and others were not so keen to talk on my topic, in between one guy told "you could have passed the money" which was insane, how can this be possible. what ever happened is happened but till after getting down i was able to see the slip which was given by that person(ticket checker) after i got down but i remember the bus number and saw the slip which was given to me,on that slip 1 more frad thing done by the person which showed the travelling place as electronic city to channasandra but i got up on the bus at Wipro gate which is almost 2 km from that stop and that is also a wrong thing to do and bus number was also not written correctly as i was able to remember the bus number(ka01FA-1871) i wrote the same in the piece of paper. plz help me out with this if someone wants i can show the proof as i am having the original receipt with me and the details are written are also wrong.{my email(}

Manjunath said...

HI this is manjunath from anekal . We travel from here to kbs or kr market and there are 356M AND 361C number bmtc buses run from here via chandapur and e city . In morning we can fetch the buses but with full rush and we have to stand at door also. Lot of people trave anekal to chandapur and e city . So i am asking you to arrange buses till e city or silk board . and keep other routes as usual . In evening we dialy difficult to fetch buses to anekal .Some time even we have bus , we cant get in since of huge rush. and some time we dont have buses for more than a hour and prefer to go by ksrtc or private bus even though they have monthly or dialy pass .My suggestion is arrange some frequent buses to trave from silk board or e city to anekal as G3 RUNS FROM E CITY TO BRIGADE . Please built one big bus stop at CHANDAPURA so that in rainy season we can take shelter . thanks you

johnpallepamu said...

Hello BMTC,This is the peak time that you have to take action against to the Bus Drivers and on Conductors. Volvo buses especially, they do not have minimum commonsense They they even don't drive properly, they never maintain the line. I believe they do not know traffic rules or it might be because of their rudeness!!?? seriously Volvo bus Drivers and Conductors are very rude, which really spoiling Bangalore's glamour. If you could not control this, that shows your respect towards the customers/public. Is there any court wherein we can register a complaint against on those guys???? This is not at all acceptable .Pls take an immediate and serious action on them.

Please let me know in case if you need any further information

Thanks and Regards,

raj said...

I stay near to Jeevam Bhima Nagar (Indira Nagar) and my office is in Electronic City. I have made volvo pass since the distance is too long and i find it inconvenient to travel in ordinary bus. Luckily we have a direct volvo bus which is V505A, which maintains its time during morning. The frequency is 1 hour, eg 8am, 9am etc. Now the problem is that, the last bus departing from electronic city is 5 10 pm, which is very bad. Ive asked the conductor about this, he has told that there are very less commuters after that time which is false. I am travelling in the same route since 2 months and i can say confidently that many people are travelling in the same route. Please restore the timings of v505a from electronic city atleast 1 hour more it would be great help for us.

Bhoomi Kalra said...

hi i was waiting at r t nagar bus stand for more than an hour wanted to go to shanti nagar, there were 2 BIAL buses ( BIAL 9 NO KA57-37 AND bial 5 i missed the no ) who arrived at 11:15pm back to back did not bother halting even after hand signals were shown .... and this is not the first time ,, it has happened a couple of times .... kindly take some action for buses

XYZ said...

Complaint regarding old man (wears spectacles) driving Volvo Bus no. KA01F3973 on route 356c (Electronic City to Majestic).
He either stops the bus half a km before or after the bus stop, but never around.
When ask to open the doors of the bus, he asks passengers to walk till the bus stop far off and blackmails, with rude behaviour.
He does not know how to behave with lady passengers. Disappointing!

priya nedungadi said...

I am travelling daily in bmtc bus from sarakki to Nandi gardens(Anjanapura). The frequency of the buses 215, 215k etc after 4 p.m. is very less. And the buses are very crowded because there are no buses for more 40 to 45 minutes. Please try to increase the frequency of buses.215B buses can be extended upto Anjanapura circle.

priya nedungadi said...

I am travelling daily in bmtc bus from sarakki to Nandi gardens(Anjanapura). The frequency of the buses 215, 215k etc after 4 p.m. is very less. And the buses are very crowded because there are no buses for more 40 to 45 minutes. Please try to increase the frequency of buses.215B buses can be extended upto Anjanapura circle.

john said...

I travel daily by Bus ...Nd i stay in kengeri Yesterday i got a bus G6 .. Only there s 2 stops thr for me to get down...Normally these conductors don giv tikets for 2 stops they take 3rs and they will go... And yesterday i took G6 bus conductor did the same thing he took 3rs nd din issued the ticket and when i was about to get down Checking people came...And they are the worst officers i ve ever seen they told i need to pay fine ... Then i asked the conductor he told i don no anything , u told pass for me... U din took the ticket.They told me to come to police station or pay the fine of 120rs... I don no how they calculated that... And i din ve tht much money so i told thm i don ve money i need call my frnds for money...And these officers waited and wen my frnd came he told he got only 70 rs, first they din agreed after tht they took tht money even they checked my purse and took some 7rs change... No i got to know even BMTC officers are beggars and corrupted..!!! Anyways passengers please take tickets and make sure they give u proper change..!

Stalin said...

Dear sir,
if unknowingly i took Rs.550 monthly pass.but its not accepting all buses after that only i known.
if i paid more then Rs.175 along with that pass any possible to get the Rs.725 pass.
kindly give me the customer service no to Query more.

ANIL said...

Dear sir,
daily i used to travel in 365 bus from kbs to bannerughatta in volvo vajra service.,i appriciate the service given by bmtc volvo buses in morning times. when it comes to evening session i.e 6pm to 9pm..their very less buses provided in this timings.because of this problem, daily people wait for volvo buses on average of 1hr or 2hr.
so kindly look on this problem as soon as possible.

Nagaraj Maradi said...

There r not enough buses from majestic to koramangala (171)during peak hours in the morning and evening.. Buses will be either coming in horde together or they ll not come at all for half an hour..plz make the bus services regular n relieve the congestion.

Jyothish Nair said...

hi this is jyothish respected authorities i have a complaint on a conductor for vulgur languages ,and unnecessarly made me to pay fine...i and my sis took the bus in h.a.l ,ticket inspectors also came in next stop murgeshpalya ,bus was huge in rush ,i was in back seats my sis in front...conductor not even came at back side at that time its his responsiblity ,so in just one stop i made to pay fine ..bus number is fa515 marathali to kbs...fine recept number y-12 dis is legal realy feels bad for bmtc ,just in a case of two minutes i paid 260 fine .i dont care about fine but the conductor used vulgur languages while discussion ,please please suspend this kind of persons ..even every people inside said me to complain the authorities plzzzzz respect my complain and take sevear action on this...fined recept number y-12 48238 ...time 2pm bus number fa515

jagadish jaggu said...

Hi im jagadish rao 20-08-2012 1pm nobody ia stop in jeedimara bus stop im from 1hour more than 2 buses gone from this route but no stop 502 bus no

supercool said...

it is almost ten years i have not used INTER CITY BUS travel in Bangalore. Thanks to the traffic management in this city and control mechanism whereby i found it a punishment to travel by car & switched over to Volvo bus en route India Garage to KuNDALAHALLI Bus stopsince two months. Since the day i started using volvo bus facility i have encountered regular issues with the driver as below.
1.Most of the bus does not stop at the India Garage signal during 9.30am to 10.30 am.secondly they charge some time Rs 40/- or Rs 35/- or even Rs 30/- till Kundalahalli Bus Stop.
2. The drivers are busy talking to conductors near the cabin and does not stop after India Garage though there is a free wide road to stop near Hderabad Biryani Signal which helps commuters from Viveknagar & Austin Town & takes the bus till Schule circle stop.

Today the bus number KA 01 1767 335 E route at 5.50. pm driver deviated the route towards trinity circle and made me alght at Schule circle bus stop when asked with the driver both conductor & driver started abusing in singular versions.

This will not crate a healthy atmosphere will explode one day.

People will use mass transport only when there is a healthy atmosphere which may help reduce traffic in the streets.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir we dont have proper service og G9 buses in morning section especially from 8.10 to 8.30 morning. We all are suffering very much to reach yelahanka by 9.15 am , office time. We request you to kindly adjust the time and provide us more buses in morning hours. Daily we are losing half day salary .

Unknown said...

I also got disappointed many times because of the pathetic responses and services from the BMTC bus staffs.
Especially if you don't have changes.. alas !!!

Everyone can also raise complaints from the below link as well. said...

Hi. your article fanttastic. thanks in informahie.....

false ceiling bangalore

Dorothy said...

It will be great if the front seats in the volvo busses can be made only for ladies. Especially during the peak hours you can hardly see few ladies seated. Men after occupying the majority of the seats at the back rush to the front as well and we ladies are made to stand. Hardly few ladies occupy the seats at the back.

Citizen said...

Please look into the frequency of buses int he route Silkboard to Hebbala. Nowadays, there is a huge shortage of buses and the one or two buses that come are overly crowded. Please do not divert your buses for the companies which do not have that much requirement as the buses run for private companies are always empty, please diver the buses to the route where people need it as there are many companies in that route and people are struggling to commute to their place of work.

preethi g said...

Bus Reg number:KA 0F 431
Route:Majestic to ITPL
Bus No: 335E

I am bugged with the abusive behavior of volvo bus conductors and drivers.
As usual , I boarded a bus from BEML layout to IGate stop.
The bus was not so full. only 2 to 3 ppl standing and I was one among them.I had kept my bag near bus driver as many bus drivers oblige.
He dint tell anything,when I was keeping the bag. When I was about to get down, he started scolding me in abusive language.Drivers and Conductors often use abusive language and harm the peace of a traveler. Its not the first time...I am really bugged with the behavior of these people.

dattatraya said...

I used to travel by BMTC bus everyday from Silkboard to Hebbala. I would like to thank the BMTC Management for the Fantastic service in the morning. But, I have also seen the worst service after 7 PM from Silkboard to Hebbal and No Timings buses even though lot of companies are situated from Silkboard to Hebbal. I was waiting more than an hour many days.

I kindly urge the BMTC Management provide some BMTC buses after 7PM to 10PM for every half an hour atleast for all the working days.

meg said...

12today i traveelled on daily pass!! in the morning conducter issued a pass of rs 90!!the pas has the date 1/10/2012 .but from marathali to domlur bus route number 335E and the bus number- F-3970 denied to accept the ticket!!n SPEAK SO RUDELY WITHOUT LISTENINNG TO ME!!HERE I WANT TO STATE THESE POINTS:



reshma M said...

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krishna chaitanya said...

Bus no :f514,from banshankri to kanakpura road, doesn't gave change for 100 and harshly asks to get down in the middle of the road!!!! And doesn't accept to even get down the coming stop... ridiculous treatment majorly because I don't know kannada....

Aarti said...

Dear Sir

It is regret to say that As Changes happen in BTC to BMTC in Advance, but there is know law and rule for the public, to control the public BMTC should have very rock firm law for commuters.
As i have been observing and tried to solve but no support of public or else conductor or Drivers.
1. I have seen always MALE sitting on WOMEN seat,even though any lady standing nearby.
2. There is no respect to senior citizens, always their seat will be occupied by the young generations.
3. Seat reservation done by the first commuters and their friends who get in to Bus first.

These changes makes me very sad, one side our city expanding like anything, but just other side going down like very badly.

Request you all OFficers please help to maintain Bangaluru, Maan maryada as it was 7-8 years back.

Thanks & Regards

Sangetha said...

This is regarding the poor BMTC bus services offerred from Ramamurthynagar to mejestic and market.The frequency of buses have considerably reduced for over an month now. There are ONLY ONE OR TWO BUSES FOR EVERY 2 HOURS. This is creating a lot of inconvenience to the commuters. I REQUEST THE AUTHORITIES TO TAKE AN IMMEDIATE ACTION AND PROVIDE RELIEF TO THE COMMUTERS.


kranthi P said...

please dont do any bandh its problem to comman peopleOnline Bus Ticket


Hi ,

Please do teach your conductors how to behave politely in bus. On 9th Nov 2012 , Bus : 335E volvo bus. Around 6.30pm near Total mall stop. The lady conductor who was in charge for the bus told me that she will pull me out of bus. We are paying money then àlso we should listen very bad words from conductor. The conductor is lady conductor. As per my knowledge she is from Devaiaha park. Please teach her how to behave politely. Lady conductors are behaving very rudely.

reshma M said...

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Pooja Abhi said...

oHi im maya..
In brigade road there is no G4 buses only.. after 7pm there is no bus .. we have to wait for till 8pm .. so plz put more buses to brigade road .. and lot of G3 buses will come but for us no use.. we are staying in bannergatta main road .. so plz help us to put more G4 buses..

Savitha G said...

hi, this is savi. i want to lodge a complaint that there are no buses from itc infotech(cooke's town) till indiranagar from 6pm till 7:30pm. we have to wait for hours on end to get a bus. bus no 8 and 412 come very rarely. due to all this we have to take autos most of the time and the autowalas take advantage of this and ask exorbitant prices. please help.

sowmya said...

Hi, I used to travel dialy from banerghatta rd i.e. gottigere to JP morgan(marthalli outer ring road). I used to take Volvo bus pass 1450/- now its 1650/-, since I observe lots of traffic jam in BTM, I changed my route and travelling via electronic city. Will catch 378(kengeri to Electronic city via gottigere) and from electronic city I will catch 356CW which goes via flyover and reach silkboard, From silkboard I go to JP morgan. since till silkboard there are no volvo buses I have took phushpak bus pass 825/-, And from Silkboard if I catch 500D they are issuing 25/-ticket on top of phusphak bus pass which is machine ticket hence i get date and time. But If I catch 500c they are not issuing 25/- ticket and they are asking me to take 50/- ticket which is valid for whole day, but i need only one way ticket . and 500c are issuing manual tickets where date and time not mentioned then what guarantee I can use that ticket whole day? And even If I take ticket for JP morgan without pass, its just 45/- only then why i should take 50/- . If the rules across all volvo are same then why 500c not issuing 25/- ticket as 500D is issuing.

popat lal said...

My name rajesh i am daily coming from richmond road his taken money 20 rupes and his not giving ticket bus no is 335e and vehical no is KA 01 FA 1935 @10:13 pm

Harish said...


Please build a bus stop in Marthahalli bridge, in the stop towards the ITPL.

Tiya Koriya said...

hello sir my name is priya i used to travel from dasarahalli to mekri circle everyday morning in 176 bus @ 8.30 ....very horrible BMTC 176 service ... bus drivers never stop the bus in Tolgate stop...they use very bad language with us....if same bus is coming at the backside ,then they start doing race eachother who goes first, from this they wont stop the bus in a proper stop.....i dont know y they r doing lik this...lots of people run at the back of bus to catch but they cant.... atleast provide more buses...orelse tell them to stop in a prticular stop ....when they will see lots of people standing in a stop they will run away... please sir humble request kindly do the needful...atleast take some action against us it is difficult us to reach office



We request you to inform the drivers who driver int he route of mahadevapura and at new constructed flyover, where they are found driving rashly and negligently. For further reference we request you to go through the forwarded mail copy found below from the traffic management center, ashokanagar. Thank you
Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
Name - S prasanna Nayak
Email -
Phone - 9632613006
Complaint Type - About Traffic Signals
Complaint/Suggestion - Hi, I am a resident of Mahadevpura..Bangalore 48..area.There is a new overbridge which has recently been opened near mahadevpura bus stop..opposite to more megastore.People who pass under the bridge are really facing issue with the speeding volvo busses daily basis.I had missed narrowly one accident from a bus coming from opposite direction.Please make it a signal to save people lives.please do not take this action waiting for something to happen..

Bhogen Yensembam said...


When I was returning from Kudlu Gate to Konapana Agrahara, I catched bus no KA 50 K 108 at around 4.43 p.m. Before I get inside the bus at Kudlu Gate, I asked the bus conductor whether the bus will go to konapana Agrahara. Conductor tod me that the bus will go, so I get inside the bus. Just within a few seconds, the conductor came and asked money for ticket and I gave Rs. 10, and after that, instead of giving my ticket, the conductor took money for ticket from another 2 persons. After he gave tickets for the two persons, he went to the front door side without giving my ticket, so at that time I asked my ticket while he was going to the front door side, and the conductor told me to wait and he just went to the front door side. I thought he will gve me the ticket but he did not. When the bus reached Hosur Road Bus Stop, some passsenger came up, so as the conductor has to collect the money he came to that side. When the conductor reached and collect the money, I asked my ticket again and the conductor told me to give Rs. 3. As I know that the regular fare from kudlu Gate to Konapana Agrahara is Rs. 10 as I stayed at Konapana Agrahara and worked at Kudlu Gate, I told him that I have given Rs. 10 and the ticket rate is only Rs. 10 for Kudlu Gate to Konapana Agrahara, but the condutor told me that I have to give him Rs. 3 or otherwise I have to get down the bus and he blew the whistle. Because of his misconduct, I also had an argument with him. So I am requesting the concern officer of BMTC to take action against him and requesting to charge him for:
1. "Taking money from passenger and not giving bus ticket."
2. "Misbehaving to passengers who are from outside the state of Karnataka."
3. "Threatening passenger by stopping and telling the passenger to leave the bus at the middle of nowhere."


Bhogen Singh
Contact e-mail ID:

Richa Ranjan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richa Ranjan said...

I use to travel by Volvo everyday from Marathahalli to Raggigudda. However, on 15th Feb 8:50am I took up Volve again 500-c bus no. [KA 01 FA 2331] there was a Lady Conductor who had demanded extra amount for the ticket[around Rs5] and misbehaved with me which was very embarrassed situation. She didn't have Electronic machine also for ticket. she was give tickets as in local buses conductor use to give. kindly takecare of such kind of issues and provide proper knowledge of fares and tickets to your staff and give training on softskills.

Richa Ranjan


SIR/MADAM, We Banglore traffic police from traffic management centre, ashokanagar, have recived the below found forwarded mail regarding a BMTC vehicle exhausting smoke. We request you to take necessary action on this regard. Thank you

Name - Milind
Email -
Phone - 9986023629
Complaint Type - Complaint against vehicles
Complaint/Suggestion - Daily come across many vehicles which pollute a lot. Especially diesel driven load carriers , buses , trucks etc. Vehicle pollution check ,though it is mandatory but never checked in Bangalore. Today I came across one B.M.T.C. Volvo bus KA 01 FA 2043 which was polluting a lot. I suggest all the trucks within the city/passing through city should have valid emission certificate. The same should hold good for Autos,B.M.T.C. buses etc. and strict action should be taken against defaulters.


We have recieved a complaint from the public we request you to go through it found below for further action. Thank you.

Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 5:48 AM

complaint from :-
Name - Santhoshini
Email -
Phone - 8095532628
Complaint Type - Complaint against vehicles
Complaint/Suggestion - Conductor in the bus KA 01 F 1680 has collected money for two tickets when I asked for one . He did not change the ticket and give the money even though it it is his mistake. All other passengers told clearly that I asked for one . this happened today morning 5 am. (4.3.13). He has spoken in such a way that mistake is on me even though he did it and every passenger knows it is his mistake. I need action to be taken against him so that in future passengers can demand for their money from conductors like this.

mk said...

I took a bus from Udupi garden signal to jayadeva. The bus conductor took Rs 5. He started misbehaving after I asked ticket. Finally i had to get down at the same stop after some argument.
Bus REgistration NO:KA-57 F-441
Location: Udupi garden
Time: 11:00 am, March 9th, 2013
Could not log in the complain because I dont have the rout no.

This is not the first time its happening in this route. Many conductors don't issue the ticket for small distances. Most of them issue ticket after insisting. Please do something.

Rahul Sollapure said...


Everyday I travel from Kogilu to ITPL , in the morning session the service is very good, while returning in the evening it's horrible to get into bus near tin factory, the buses will be too crowd and apart from that Route no.290E buses (Yelahanka - Shivaji nagar buses) will not be available especially during 8 PM - 9 PM as i need to take this route bus from nagwara to yelahanka. I have seen lots of people waiting for this route bus, at last after half an hour or 45 min the people ll go for private cabs.

So, kindly arrange buses on route no.290 E during the period 8-9 PM

Chetan Nahar said...

KA01F3151 Driver using abusive language when asked why he was drivign rashly.

Chetan Nahar said...

KA01F3151 - Driver using abusive language when asked why he was drivign rashly.

sharonkd said...

Route number 340A
Conductor and i think the driver too was drunk when he was giving the tickets. I noticed it in my journey between shanthinagar bus stop and nimhans. How dare he could do that....? most of the people in the bus were covering their nose when this fello pass by them. And it was clearly noticable in his speech and behavior. Please take action against this long thin black fellow and show your dignity and commitment in service towards people

evangaline lilly said...



Respected Sir/Madam:- We request you to go through the below found forwarded mail in which the mailer has complained on the driver of a bus. We request you to consider this for further necessary action.

Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
Name - Harikumar
Email -
Phone - 9886398478
Complaint Type - Complaint against vehicles
Complaint/Suggestion - We stopped our car as the signal was red at Jakkasandra, the bus driver of BMTC bus no KA 57 F 131, who was behind us started abusing saying he was in hurry and we were blocking his way. When we showed him the red signal he further started abusing in foul language and even man handled us. He threated saying he would break our car glass and we could complain any where we wanted

Geetha said...

I am daily traveling in bus from Muruheshpalya to HAL. In many of the BMTC buses. the conductor is taking money(Rs.5), but not giving tickets. if i ask sometimes he will give some other waste tickets or giving back 1 or 2 rupees or move from the place as of he didn't hear my words.

findlocales said...

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Rashmi Aravinda said...

Worst travelling in BMTC bus for ladies. As i was traveling in bus today morning at 3.45am in 333 route from majestic to marathahalli reg no. KA01-F-9284.
Atleast people should have courtesy that ladies with kids in the morning bus should be given seats.Here driver and conducter also were not helping ladies.

Please give proper training for conductors and drivers to tell the people to give the seat for ladies

Thanks and Regards

sravani said...

Today while coming from ITPL I took 306H bus till tinfactory around 8:30 PM. The bus number is KA01-FA471. The bus driver was driving fastly till Sigannapalya. From there suddenly he started going very slowly. Traffic is there, but Even-though there is space before he is not going.First we thought bus condition is not good.Later we came to know that he is adjusting some timings for his next trip. Everyone started asking him and he did not respond properly and he started saying traffic is there. So many cars and buses passed us. Finally even conductor got pissed off and he also asked, but the driver was shouting on everyone. He dropped around 10.00 PM in Tinfactory. Please take necessary action on this.Already we will be irritated in office and want go home early and this kind of mad people.. dont know what to call him, they are making us more frustrated.

manoj said...

Hi All, Is this is all heard by BMTC are there are any action taken against this complains.. I see BMTC bus drivers and conductors are becoming rowdies day by day.. I'm experiencing everyday new different stories.. conductors are worse than beggars.. i have never seen conductor issuing ticket for 1/2 stops anywhere in Bangalore, though passenger gives change. if no change n if u give 10rs and ask him to give ticket they will issue 10rs ticket for one single stop.. they create a situation were passenger does not have any options to question them.. It doesn't matter how big is the BMTC service, main thing is to maintain in a disciplined way.

manoj said...

Hi All, Is this is all heard by BMTC are there are any action taken against this complains.. I see BMTC bus drivers and conductors are becoming rowdies day by day.. I'm experiencing everyday new different stories.. conductors are worse than beggars.. i have never seen conductor issuing ticket for 1/2 stops anywhere in Bangalore, though passenger gives change. if no change n if u give 10rs and ask him to give ticket they will issue 10rs ticket for one single stop.. they create a situation were passenger does not have any options to question them.. It doesn't matter how big is the BMTC service, main thing is to maintain in a disciplined way.

D jain said...

Bus no. KA 01 FA 2381 (430E) Volvo-Bus Cndctr forgot to issue ticket- I asked issue tckt he started misbehaving-Gave tckt but cntnd shouting- took me to a traffic police van - TI asked him that since ticket bought so drop to dstntn. But made all bus passenger HOSTAGE didn’t allow to get them down- planning to take me somewhere to teach me a lesson -I urged them to open the door and let me get down but they refused- After 10 minutes as all passengers were shouting they finally opened the door. Is this way to behave with a rspnsbl citizen whose only mistake was that she reminded the bus conductor of his duty?

anonymous said...

I purchased Aug.2013 bus pass at Shivajinagar on July 29th. Officer at Bus Pass Counter took away my July pass. On July 30th Domlur bus conductor harassed me because I didn’t have the July pass.
Bus Route No: 201 at 9:20 PM on 30th July, Bus No. KA 01-F-9389 – Domlur to Indiranagar route.
This is the third time I’m getting harassed because of this issue.
Please ask the officers at Bus Pass Counters not to take away our old pass.

Nithin Chinnappa said...

on 06-Aug-2013, at 1430hr, i went make a BMTC student pass(Degree Student)at Chowdeswari Bus stand near,Mathikere and i paid Rs.2000/- along with application form to the pass issue incharge. The cost of the student yearly pass is Rs.1220/- and he had to give back Rs.780/- but he returned me only Rs.280/-. When i asked him balance change of(Rs.500/-), he denied and told me that you paid only Rs.1500/-, i requested him lot.He cheated me Rs.500/-. Kindly do the needful to get my money of Rs.500/-


Life- As I see it.. said...

I have been using student pass from the past four years to travel. Since i passed out, i have been buying tickets. In one week, i took the bus on 3 days and twice, i was not issued tickets!
The first time, it was from Ragi gudda to Garebavipalya. It was a Rs 12 ticket and i gave him Rs 20 because i did not have change. Instead, he took Rs 10 and went behind. When asked for ticket, he asked me to wait. I asked him twice and each time he said 'wait'. I wrote down the bus number: ka01 fa862 on 9th august 2013, at around 5 30.
The second time, i travelled from hsr bda to silk board, which is obviously a short route- just two stops difference. The ticket is Rs 9, which is first of all a shocker, plus he did not give me a ticket! I gave him Rs 8 thinking that it was that much. I asked him to give me a ticket for which he said it is Rs 9 and immediately went behind. And because silk board was the last stop, and I was in a hurry, I just got down.
Two such incidents happening on consecutive days has really made me lose hope on the BMTC organization. I have no regrets about losing the Rs 10+Rs 8. But cheating the passengers and minting money at the passenger's cost is really not fair! Trust me, throughout the entire journey I was just hoping that there wouldn't be a ticket checker. Because I'm sure that even they wouldn't have understood my situation. Why would i want to travel with so much fear? I would want it to be a peaceful journey. I'm a Banglorean by birth and BMTC is something that is the most significant, helpful and convenient service provided by the government. I would want my city to be known for the goodness of BMTC and not such saddening experiences. I hope some strict action would be taken on such conductors and that, stricter rules are introduced.


karunagaran Balraj said...

Hi, I am karunakar... I rarly travel in bus. what I noticed when ever I travel, the conductor not at all issue tickets to the passengers, the ticket is Rs.17 from marathalli to silkboard and he takes Rs.15 then no ticket. he does for almost 20 to 25 passengers in 1 trip, I was watching this from marathalli to Silk board. then think how much he earns 1 time and per day and think about the loss to the BMTC. I was thinking only this conductor is doing such things the another I boarded bus from silkboard to Gervepalaya, there also happens the same. So looks like most of the conductors does not issue tickets and their take home per day approximately 2000 to Rs.5000. If I take the minimum amount of 2000, then 100 conductors does then 200000 per day loss to MBTC with only 100 conductors.. then think about how many of them and how much loss.. Its all public money.. I love to travel in BMTC but this is soo bad and soo much corruption. So its my humble request to BMTC, Please make strict rules and thought them good things while joining.. the corruption is growing like anything.... please lets stop this now itself...

rajasree P said...

Hi Hi ,

From Electronic city to Kr market (Not remembered the bus root number I thk its 355), The conductor is not issuing the tickets.
When I asked for the ticket he is telling me to keep quit . At least he took 12Rs and given ticket for 5 Rs.

The bus number is KA 01 fa 418 .
Date of travel : 2nd of sept 2013. Time : 9:30AM

I urge BMTC mgmt to take the action.


Anoushka said...

Bus no: KA-01-FA-581, Route no: 356C
Time: 8.10 am, On Hosur Road, Kudlu Gate

The bus driver was extremely rash. Kept horning constantly from behind and was overtaking at high speed, very close to my car, almost scraping it.

Such drivers are a hazard on the road. BMTC drivers must be trained on 'road manners' first!! Please take action on this driver so other drivers learn too...thank you.

Anita biradar said...


I have to travel daily from ashwathnagar KEB layout to JP Morghan Kadubeesanhalli. So route is Ashwathnagar to hebbal and hebbal to JP Morghan. but To reach hebbal i always wait for the K2 Bus, But always i have to wait for half an hour to one hour to pick this bus.So many people are there in that route who wait for bus to reach hebbal.

So almost all busses will go Bhoopsandra, which is just before the hebbal. Its kindly request from me and people who travel to this route,Please update the bus routes. The busses will go to bhoopasandra as last stop, can goto hebbal as last stop.
Please consider this humble request.

santoshi desai said...

this is just disgusting.. i really dont understand that Kormangala being one of the prime location. there is no Buses to Majestic after 8 PM. There are 3 buses standing in queque but none of them want to move from there b'coz they say, they are going to depot and none of the buses are moving (bus numbers are - KA 01 F 4397, KA 01 F 4373 and one more i dont have that number clearly in photo). For a person who is supposed to board the train at 10 and who has been waiting for almost 1 hour from 8 PM to 9 PM to see if there is any bus which would come this way. just to face the worst situation of their life where i would almost missed my train. why cant officers take some responsibility to fix this issue.. Please do this so that we don't face this problem again. This is the request. This is really inconvenience to all of the people who stay in Kormangala 1st Block.

Anamika said...
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Anamika said...

I frequently use the volvo bus 500 series, I have one concerns for the conductors of the bus. They take the money but don't give the ticket if we are traveling for 2-3 stops. Even when I ask for the ticket they just say coming and giving but never turn up to give the ticket.

I dont know if BMTC is taking any action for this issue, as sometimes it becomes very serious when we ask for ticket conductor starts shouting and refuse to give the ticket.

In that case, its BMTC only which is losing the revenue, We don't have any helpline number also to complaint against such conductors.

I have also tried calling the BMTC helpline number 18004251663 to ask what we can do to avoid such scenes with conductor, but could not talk to any of their representative. We want hassle free service, we give proper amount for the and want ticket for my travel and don't want any discomfort in the travel.

Rajeev said...

Today I boarded Bus number 356(Volvo) at Bomannahalli stop at around 8PM, registration number (KA01F 3974) As soon as I enter into the Bus the conductor asked me for ticket in kannada, since I am non kannada I could not understand whom and what he was asking for,so i directly went and took a seat.Then the conductor asked me why are you not taking ticket, i replied i have pass and i shown him my pass meanwhile he was murmering some abusive words. so i asked,what are you saying.Meanwhile the driver said, you are in karnataka, if you do not know kanadda then do not board any bus here and he was using full bad words (Motherf****r, ass***e.

I kindly request BMTC people to educate their conductor and drivers not to harass other state people.

Soniya Raj said...

Subject: Abusive behavior by Conductor
Route number: 317M from Hoskote to KR Market
Location (nearby stop): LIDO
Date - Time: 24-09-2013 @ 10.10 am
Bus Registration Number : KA 01 FA 2050

Today, I took above referred bus from LIDO to TOWN HALL. The conductor of that Bus was sitting in the 4th row of the LADIES Seat. When I asked him to leave the seat, being a conductor he denied. Moreover, he started making all abusive statement in public about me and started laughing at me. He wantedly called another Lady and made her to sit in that seat and she offered me the seat. I do not understand, why are the conductors and drivers are not scared about the management? What gives them courage to do such things? Is there no one to question them? By this kind of unruly behaviors they don't only upset the passengers but they spoil their whole day.... I do not know if this complaint will be taken seriously. But, I wish that these kind of complaints stops and people understand their responsibility and this can happen only by changing the system and educating them or by imposing some stringent measures.

Manju Naik said...
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Citizen said...

Cheat conductor....
I took a Gold Bus Pass on 26/10 (Sat ) morning while going to hebbala from Silkboard.(500-D) The pass given to me was actually Friday's pass and not of Saturday(thought the date punched was 26/10).
The pass number is
FTP: 0141210
I only realized it after I boarded another bus and conductor refused to accept that.Sheer waste of 120 rupees.

Guys please observe carefully once you are issued volvo bus pass no matter how in much hurry you are...Conductors are making a big chunk of their money from these activities.. BMTC should take immediate action on this regard

satish MR said...

Abusive words used by driver & conductor.
Type: Volvo
Bus number: KA-57 F-912
Time: 9:30AM
Route: ITPL main road, whitefield,
Stop: Graphite India Signal

Hello, today morning, I was driving car on the way to my office, in Graphite India Signal, on ITPL road. A volvo bus driver & conductor (Bus number KA-57, F-912) used very abusive words on me because I was driving little slow in my way to avoid ditches. Is this the behavior of our BMTC Drivers & Conductors? I really feel ashamed of such people in Karnataka Govt service. If you really want me to explain what happened, Please call me on 9886204520. Meanwhile I am registering a complaint on them with traffic police also.

Fenicia Fernandez said...

My Name is Fenicia, this is an incident that took place in the Volvo bus numbered KA01FA1611 route Silk Board – Hebbal series 500D. I got into the bus at 7:10 pm on 8/11/201313 in Hiblur bus stop and gave the money for my ticket to kalyan nagar, conductor issued me ticket with Agra to kalyan nagar with the charge of Rs 70/-, usually while i travel in Volvo i pay the fare of Rs 60/- as there was an increase in price which may be 5 Rs per stop. I usually get a ticket which has exact stop names (Hiblur -to- Kalyan nagar) because of ticket he issued i asked him why, he said from hiblur its Rs 70/-Sarjapura Signal its Rs 60/- which dint make sense cause he did not issue ticket from Hiblur but Agrah. When i asked him he tried to go to the front n pushed me with his fist. He also accused i must have not taken ticket and traveled without ticket before so im asking explanation. If that was the case why will I ask about price,makes no sense as I'm having respectable Govt job, can afford ticket money that's why i travel in Volvo.Kindly warn conductors to behave with customers especially girls, attend query in a proper way, issue ticket correctly.

bhavani v v said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

Company Registration in Bangalore

ullasram said...

Yesterday(8th Nov 2013) I boarded BMTC Volvo from HAL to Richmond Circle ; Bus #KA01FA139. I had to board a KSRTC bus from Shanthi Nagar. I got through the back door and managed to find a seat just before the back door. A lady conductor seated in the front seat didn't come anywhere near to my seat until at Manipal Hospital stop(2 stops away). I had 2 things in my mind;
1st- Clarify with conductor , Whether I am allowed to travel for free in Volvo, during the time, since I already hold a KSTRC Airavat Ticket(Which I know is permitted on a normal BMTC bus, if one have a KSTRC bus ticket for a journey 2hr before the departure). 2nd - If I am not allowed , pay for the ticket.

When I asked the conductor on this , She said rudely that I will have to take ticket and grumbled something in Kannada. I could understand she was trying to tell that its my fault that I didn't collect the ticket from her and have to pay penalty. I tried to make her understand that she didn't come to the back section in the first place. She was simply refusing to listen and was looking away from me in a disrespectful manner. I understood there is no point arguing with the lady and decided to pay what she is asking for. She took her time calculating some mathematics using her fingers and told me to pay 110/- (Actual charge 45/-). I said I will pay her the money but explain me the cost. She again started grumbling in Kannada in a rude fashion with disgusting gestures. She tore me a ticket for 80/- and said 30/- is from HAL to Manipal. For 30/- she didn't provide any ticket/bill/receipt even though I insisted. Instead of creating a scene I paid the amount , then I learnt she has charged for 2 person.

After sometime I went to her seat in front row and asked her politely why she charged for 2 person. She hit her hand on to her forehead and swore in Kannada. I didn't pursue it further; decided I will report a complaint.

I felt very bad that few uncivilized employees like her are tarnishing the name and image of such a well managed public transport organisation which is considered one among the best in India. I sincerely hope some action would be taken to teach the employee basic behavioral lessons and charge a penalty for pocketing 30/- un-billed ticket.

Vamshi Krishna said...

Volvo bus fare from Kundalahalli Gate stop to Majestic bus station is now Rs 70 and the distance shown in the ticket is 24KM. But the actual distance (as per bus route) is only 17.5 KM. BMTC said as per their survey the distance is 24KM. I hope they tweaked metrics to loot is customers/passengers/citizens. BMTC is also looting big time

Sabina Naaz said...

Sabina naaz and Rubina parveen
from -gottigere to - menakshi temple stop (mall )
bus no-ka01fa108
ticket no which they issued later- h215 038835
Rs - 5.00/-

sir , with due respect i want to complain about conductor negligence.i am sabina naaz , me and my sister just get in the bus from back gate as there was rush so sint get the chance to get in from front gate from gottigere bangalore around 8pm in the evening. As me and my sister get in he bus we asked the conductor for ticket he just nodded his head and stood there, we keep quite for a second thinking that he will give in some time .we were unaware that the ticket checker also got in bus but from front gate . the ticket checker came and started ticket from us we 3 gals got in from gottigere so we started telling that sir we got in now we were about to take ticket but he was not ready to listen.we tried make him understand instead of not knowing kanada we were unable to make them say that we just now got in bus.the conductor just denied telling i dont know.the ticket checker started behaving rudely and even conduter bisbehaved when we said that we asked for ticket but you dint give us.we asked the ticket checker to come with us to se that we stay here and just now we left home you can speak to my ownour but he dint hear anything and contineously was insulting us.when we made other lady to say that we got up from gottigere as even she got up from there after some time he agreed.the other lady also were there in bus wothout ticket but jst that they knew kanada so they told nad ticket checker agreed on their view.The first time it has happend with us,but i have seen the same incidence happening with other gals nad women too tried supporting but due to not knowing kakana was unable to help them.

sir plase take a action about it otherwise it ll happen with anyone.

with Regards
Sabina naaz

Shivangi Rastogi said...

I am a regular passenger of 500 Series Bus Service.The issue is not only with 500 series , it is with all Volvo and normal BMTC bus services.

According to the driving rule Heavy Load Vehicles should not be drive at Right side of the road.
but in Bangalore all the buses are running in whatever way they want.
Drivers of these buses drives at right side of the road and they sudden takes left side when stop comes.They should not drive randomly.

Kindly look into this issue.Drivers should know the driving rules.

Shivani vikram said...

On 21st December,2013 while I had boarded the bus no. 112 bearing the no. plate KA-01-F-3814 which travels from KavalByrasandra to Shivajinagar whrerin it goes via Nandidurg road and the cost of the ticket is Rs.16. But since the bus did not go to Nandidurg it has to take Rs.15 but the conductor took Rs.16 only per ticket and on Saturdays there is no service of bus from 12.30 pm till 1.30 pm for KBSandra. The buses do not ply during that time and is filled. Since the school is half day working I have observed that buses do not come on time.
Shivani V Mane

Priya Patel said...

I have a bus pass from nagarbhavi to vidyaranyapura and my stop name in nagarbhavi is papareddypallya(stage in nagarbhavi). I chage my bus either at yestwantpur or B.E.L Circle. Today while on my way back from vidyaranyapura to nagarbhavi, the bus conductor refused to allow me to travel and forced me to buy a ticket explaining me that nagarbhavi is different and papareddypallya is different whereas papareddypallya is a stage in nagarbhavi and also stopped d bus n started arguing with me when i noted down the bus number! the bus route number is 401M and i travelled at 2:15pm on 28th december 2013! the bus number is KA-01 FA-1114! the name of conductor is Dhanraj!

shilpi srivastava said...


I boarded volvo bus 500D, number- KA01 FA 1595 , today, Jan 1 2014 at 10:50am from Bellandur.

Not only was i asked to de-board the bus as the conductor did not have change, but was also harrassed into paying the minimum fare before i was forced to get off 200 meters away from were I had boarded.

Such behaviour by volvo bus crew is not new, but being forced to pay for a service that i did not avail is absolutely unacceptable.

arpit said...

I was coming from ITPL to KR Puram station, I have given 20 Rs. He charged 15 rupees for the travel and ask me to wait for refund money. When I reached to KR Puram railway station then again ask for refund but he refused to give that and said that i have no change even though I saw the change easily in his bag but he refused and start abusing. This was very embracing to me and all the passenger to experience such misbehavior while asking my own money. The date and timing of this accident is 2/01/2014 and 8 o'clock by the road ITPL to KR Puram. The ticket detail is s28 924571. My contact detail is 8050728320.

padmavathi2010 said...

sp said

daily iam travelling fromkrcircle/sjp college stop soon after Majestic stop buses coming towards indirnagar/krpuram/ulsoor will nevercome to the stop since coming towards krcircle soon after anand rao circle all the vehicles will come together near the bustop along with the bmtc buses while all the other route buses comes through this stop while our ulsoor route buses will just pass through even though we show our hand sir pl look this matter seriously since MANY ARE STANDING they are not stopping at this point

Meghashyam Kurnool said...

Route no: 335A
Bus Registration Number: KA-57-F-1082
Time: 3:25 PM
Date: 22-01-2014
Stop: Kundanahalli Gate

I asked for a ticket which is 12/- and I know to give 2/- to make transaction easy but I didn't have. I told him the same. He started murmuring within himself. He like many other conductors wrote on the back of the ticket the change to return which is 8/-.

When I asked him while getting down, he started misbehaving. He gave me only 7/- and says 'I don't have 1 rupee' where he didn't even check his bag and i could clearly listen the sound made by coins. While he was giving a ticket to some other person who was giving 1 ruppee, he started yelling at me showing hands at my face and passed that rupee to me. Is this the proper behavior?

I hope you give him a warning. We ask them politely and they behave this way. We too have many problems and yet we behave with courtesy. The same is expected in return.

Ritu said...

Hi this is Seetha, today I took 171 bus from wilson garden, every day I get down at Richmond Circle, as I have to go to Richmond Road(its one way), every day all the bus stop there only, and today bus driver didn't stop there, we were requesting him, and then conductor and driver both arguing with us they stop at chinnaswami stadium, and from there no vehicles are there to return back.Conductor should inform us that there is no stop so you can take ticket upto this stop or something. insted of this they started arguing.
Please look at these kind of drivers and conductor.

Unknown said...

It is really frustrating that so many people are having so many problems. I doubt if this complaint box works or not..!!
Anyway i will still register the complaint. The thing is I was travelling from venkatapura bus stop to agara signal stop, normally i take the bus from jakkasandra stop which not even 400 m away from ventapura stop. Everytime I take tickets of Rs. 5 but today when I took a 242 bus, the bus conductor badly behaves and demanded Rs.10 for the travel. He is like either u take ticket of Rs10 or no ticket for Rs5. What is this going on here, this is open cheating and threat given to us common people. Let me tell u money is not the problem but honest service and behavious does. I want you to take actions on these issues asap.

Bus - 242
Bus no. - Ka01 Fa 1414
Issue - Fare charged more than actual fare and misbehaviour by bus conductor.

Passenger Name - S.Bose
Place - Koramangala 1st Block
Phn 9620354872
Email -

Hope to get a proper action and reply soon.

Abdul Mazeed said...

There is no Bus services (Non-Ac Buses) after 9:30 PM form Kadugdi to Silkborad via Marathali Or TIN Factory Bus stop to Silk board via Marathalli,People May waiting more than an hour many days. But all Volvo AC Bus services are avaiable on the above said routes with less commuters, It is not helpfull for Comman People how are all have Non-Ac Bus Passes, they use to take private vehicles in that times to reach their destitions.

Hence I kindly request to the BMTC Management to reduce the AC Bus Services and Provide some Non-AC Bus Services after 9:00 PM to 10 PM for every half an hour atleast for all the working days.

jyothi jyo said...

Sir this is jyothi here i am a student who is studying in APS college and daily travel from banashakari to somanahalli at 8 and there are bus facility but there are no bus at 8.30am in this route so please provided at this time more because all college student will be at this time in the stop and it is hanging bus we go even ladies do the same

Mainak Das said...

Services of BMTC Volvo of 500C/500NA/335E is getting worse day by day. Unnecessary stops,waiting time, going slow, rush driving and many more are increasing day by day. Govt/BMTC authority should look into the matter urgently.

Mainak Das said...

The service of BMTC is getting worse day by day. 500C/500D/335E all are same.Unusual stops, high waiting time, slow speed etc are increasing day by day. Govt/BMTC sould look into the matter.

Mainak Das said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pravu Kiran said...

Route No- 500C
Location- Near Spice Garden and then rash driving near Graphite factory
Date - Time- at 10.30 A.m.on 23 rd May 2014
Bus Registration Number (important) - KA01FA-1303 - 500C
Contact Email Address (optional) -
Conductor name (if known)- No


I am a regular passenger in Volvos from Marathalli Bridge to SJR IT park.
But I have been noticing this rude behaviour of conductors since many days.

This incident happened at 10.30 A.m.on 23 rd May 2014.

This is a complaint against the driver and conductor of this bus.
I am a pregnant lady when i got in to the bus the conductor pushed me to go back.
Some how i managed to get the seat on the front that is the conductor seat.
But he told me to go back because he want to sit there.
This has happened with me several times.
For lady condutors i can think of a reason as they are tired.
But for gents they can sit anywhere.
Morever i just noticed that AC in the bus was very poor.

Afterwards near to Graphite factory .. the bus did not give any signal to the passerbys and took a left to make a stop suddenly.
Thereby making one biker fall on the road.. When the biker tried to stop the bus following it again the driver tried to override it.

This is rash driving and is not acceptable.
I request you to take action against the bus driver and conductor both.


Priyanka Priyadarshani said...

"Worst services of bus no.340A/K/S series which goes to Parangipalya."
We guys always wait minimum 45 min in St. Johns bus stop everyday. We need to travel to NIFT College everyday. Buses are never punctual. We are often late to work which gives great impact on our salary. Its the same while return time too.
We request BMTC Management to reschedule the flow of buses and make the passengers happy.

Ronak Soni said...

I would like to bring to notice the shameful behavior of BMTC conductor who was abusive towards fellow passengers,refused to cooperate ,talked rashly with a female co passenger. When I asked for change in return,the conductor refused to offer the change(he could have told before hand he did not have change in which case a passenger might not have boarded the bus) and started abusing. He refused to talk/did not know hindi(Official and national language of India) with another passenger and again started abusing when he asked for pending Rs.10 in return.There was one more incident in which the conductor just gave a Rs.100 note and told 2 passengers to settle the change amount among st them and when both passengers refused they were forcefully made to get down two stops after their scheduled destination and needless to say he still did not budge and did not give away the change. Yes all this happened during my short trip from cosmos-kundanahalli to bellandur. It will be a disgrace on BMTC's part if such individuals are let off without any punishment. The crew should be counselled on how to behave with fellow passengers.BMTC already has a negative image due to such corrupt individuals and if no action is taken it will only further deteriorate BMTC's negative image and along with it spoil Bangalore's image in eyes of people.

Date 31.05.2014
Bus number :KA-01 FA 2106.
Time -2120.
ticket number - KZ15 435857(Rs.30) and S48 461545.

vadi said...

Bus number : KA-01-FA-2002 : Route G1 : Conductor does not give tickets to passengers and pockets the whole money. If asked for ticket, the conductor spoke rudely and in a vulgar way.
Please take strict action.

- Vadiraj Desai

VenSan said...

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anu said...


Today I boarded a BMTC Volvo bus from silk board KA 57 F 1047 around 8:35.
I am allergic to dust and I cover my face due to this reason. I boarded the bus today and the bus conductor was so rude that he started telling me to uncover my face. Is it fair on anyone's part to behave in such way with girls?
Do these people behave the same with people who wear burqa??

BMTC OFFICIALS please teach your resources how to behave with the passengers. Almost, most of them wre very very rude. You all can jus go through the complaints lodged.

I even wonder any action is taken against these complaints !!!! I see no officials from BMTC have even bothered to reply to these complaints !!!
For how long this is gonna happen BMTC ???

Kindly take an action against such resources ASAP.

venkateshwaran.R said...

Hi ,

Today I travelled from Marthahalli bridge to manipal hospital.I gave 20 rs for 17 rs ticket. Even though conductor has change, he was telling that he has no change.He says this to all passengers. Please take neccessary action.

Bus No: KA FA 01 1123
Time : 7: 40 pm to 8: 20 pm
Mail ID:

Aparna Das said...

Today I boarded at Volvo bus no.825 which was going from Majestic toward Hebbal at morning 9am. Bus registration no. was KA-57-F-973. My destination was Palace Ground. When I got up to get down at Palace Ground the driver didn't stop the bus saying there were not many passengers to get down so he cannot stop it there I need to get down at next stop which was Merki Circle, despite of requesting him several times he didn't stop the bus and I had to get down at the next stop. I possess a bus pass which cost 2250Rs. After paying this much amount is this the behaviour I am suppose to face and this happened many times earlier as well. Please take some action this.

Aparna Das said...

Today I boarded at Volvo bus no.825 which was going from Majestic toward Hebbal at morning 9am. Bus registration no. was KA-57-F-973. My destination was Palace Ground. When I got up to get down at Palace Ground the driver didn't stop the bus saying there were not many passengers to get down so he cannot stop it there I need to get down at next stop which was Merki Circle, despite of requesting him several times he didn't stop the bus and I had to get down at the next stop. I possess a bus pass which cost 2250Rs. After paying this much amount is this the behaviour I am suppose to face and this happened many times earlier as well. Please take some action this.

gayathri m said...

I used to travel daily from shivajinagar bus stand to cunningham road which will charge Rs.6. Most of the times I tried to give exact change since getting afraid of conductors behaviour. Any one day if I don't have the change, they are telling me to get down in the Indian express or they will start scolding. I have seen conductors scolding in bad words if passengers asks ticket. But if checking comes then we have to pay the fine. Sometimes they are taking Rs.5 and will give Rs.5 without ticket. They are having change when they can take money without giving ticket. I have seen so many complaints regarding the change issue.

I request BMTC to take action on this.

Hari said...

my child studying in 7th std travels from marathalli to lifestyle bus stop near KV ASC(S). Different conductors charge different fares.
Sometime Rs.12 some time Rs 19 and some time Rs 21.

Frequent checking is required to curb this kind of business.

Hari said...

my child studying in 7th std travels from marathalli to lifestyle bus stop near KV ASC(S). Different conductors charge different fares.
Sometime Rs.12 some time Rs 19 and some time Rs 21.

Frequent checking is required to curb this kind of business.

Manjunath Kavi said...

Rude bus driver and conductor
There is a huge problem with the Bmtc bus drivers in terms of their rude behavior and non stopping bus at the relevant stops . Abusing the common people / passengers . Sometimes they don't even think and make people to board the bus while moving or suddenly closing the doors even then they notice somebody is boarding or leaving the bus . The same experienced by me today morning , when asked abt this to driver and conductor (lady conductor ) were abusive enough. This is creating a lot of problem in terms if our daily travel.
Dat - 30-07-2014
Time - 10.30 am

number - ka 53 f - 243

Kindly action on the concerned staffs.
Else this will be taken forward to the police control room.

-Thanks ,

nagashree n said...

Today(29-09-14) i bored a bus in kodegehalli gate.first of all they will not give stop in kodegehalli gate.and today i got into 285M no-KA01FA57 by running behind the bus.This driver was very rude and was not giving stops at all hence my co-passenger fought with him and got down in the next stop.and when i was about to get down in rajankunte at 8:18am he overtook the other bus in the bus stop that to on left side and one girl escaped from an accident.and when i was about to get down he was forcing everyone to get down soon but there were many people to get down,while my one leg was in air and one on foot board he moved.

i kindly urge BMTC management to take serious action on the concerned driver.please ask drivers to stop in stops and not ask passengers to get down in signals itself.
sir please do take serious action on this driver

Chandu Babu said...

Thanks for sharing this blog, I like this blog, i got lot of information gathered later seen your blog once again thanks, We used the service of driver & cab services in Bangalore . Royal drivers reported on time and were very calm and always maintained the speed limit. Very Satisfied with the driver service.
We have used cab driver services in Bangalore for trip. Royal drivers reported on time and were very calm and always maintained the speed limit. Very satisfied with the driver service. We always prefer Royal driver service.

CA Pankaj Agarwal said...

Misbehave & Bus not stopped

Bus no. KA 31-3574

Time 8.30 am, date 22 Oct 2014 from Marathahalli to Kodihalli, HAL Airport Road

The driver has not stopped the bus at Kodihalli bus stand even I was standing on gate and asking him to stop. When I forced him to stop the conductor of bus started to misbehave and pushed me back I got fall on floor.

He abused me lot and said go and compliant .. you cant do anything of mine.

My shirt got dirty due to fallen and the abusing language is till running in my mind badly.

If someone is here to listen these complaint give me call on my mobile no. 7353303131 and take proper action against that conductor and driver.

Pankaj Agarwal

NAVEEN KUMAR Naveen said...





Priyanka Bhat said...

There will be no buses after 8.30 PM in Chandra layout, Bangalore. Because of this, public are facing too much problem. Especially ladies are suffering. Nowadays, we are getting too many complaints on sexual harassment, robbery etc. So, please put some buses in this route, Chandra layout-Vijaynagar-housingboard-Basaweshwar nagar.
It may helps hopefully. Thank you.

Sharadamba N said...

The buses operation from shivajinagar to Bangalore south region is very minimal. Many volvo buses operate from majestic to kamakya depot side via goodshed route hardly with 2-3 passengers. Instead of operating many buses in the same route, diversify the routes; atleast with the depot going buses. Eg. can allot some majestic buses to travel via shanthinagar bus station, so that can pick up many coomuters on that route. By cancelling the marcopol buses many areas are denied of special buses. Eg.Girinagar where only marcopol buses were operated in special category. But by observation I can say that it was earning good revenue. Now if they allocate some kamakya depot route buses to go via girinagar & ring road side, many will be benefitted. And can also re-route the buses via mysore road satellite bus station as no bus facilities from bangalore sourth side to this bus station even though its near.

Unknown said...

Bus# KA01 FA 0484: Attibele to Yelahanka(356) around 5:20pm on 17th Feb 2015 near Chalukya bus stop
Ticket No: Q125 100859 (12 Rupees)

I daily travel from Chalukya to Doddaballappur. As frequency of buses is less(only kauvery bhavan buses). So I take linking buses from chalukya to guttahalli(5 Rupees) and From Guttahalli to doddaballapur.
There is no stop in between(5 min in traffic) Bus charge i give usually is 5 rupees with ticket.

Yesterday also I did the same. This time I got into the above mentioned bus. My stop is the next one. Conductor was on phone for sometime and before few min to guttahalli stop he came for ticket.
He started telling to one more lady that Rs.12/- to guttahalli. I said it is 5 in every buses. He said not in this. Then he came to me with ticket, I said if it is 12/- for just next stop then give me ticket to Hebbal.
He said I already issued ticket for you. I said fine. Again I asked Can I travel till mekri with the same ticket. He said no take one more ticket from guttahalli and he can not do anything now.
I asked him Give me extra ticket( 5 ruppes/ 9 rupees) i will travel to hebbal. He said he cant becuase he is already made an entry. you need to take seperarte ticket to travel next.
Later while getting down, I saw him making an entry in the sheet which bmtc provides for them.(As it is only one stop what entry is he making) I stopped him there and asked him again that you are making an entry now,
then why cant you give 5 more rupees extra ticket which makes me to travel till hebbal. He said he doesnt have tickets. I just got down.

Now I need justification for below
1) How can any bus issue 12/- for one stop, where all the 285 buses takes 5 Rupees.
2) Just it was shivaratri, conductor didnt have enough collection for that day he took extra money?
3) As soon as conductor gives ticket entry will be closed? before making entry in sheet
4) I can understand once the ticket is torn, he can not give it to anyone. But is there any rules that he can not give one more ticket of (1 rupees/ 5 rupees/ 9 rupees) adding to 12 rupees.?
5) Bus conductor will be having only 12 rupees tickets? sometimes they give 12+5 or directly 17.

Please provide the justification for my doubts. I am not asking to take action against the conductor. But I want him to know that there can be complaint raised against him.
Be aware before looting people.

mahalakshmi n said...

Bus Not arriving regularly especially during its last trips

Dear Sir / Madam,

The bus route number AS-6, which commutes between Bapujinagar and Ullal Upanagar has been irregular especially during their last trips i.e. at 8:45 PM from Bapujinagar. Few months back the last trip timings from bapujinagar was 9:00 PM and was very much regular even if the bus breaks they used to get another bus. But now once the timings changed to 8:45 PM, the bus rarely arrives i.e. once or twice in a week. It has become very difficult to commute in that timings as there are only 2 busses i.e. 234 A and AS-6 to Ullal Upanagar that operates in between 8:00 PM to 9:45 PM. The next bus after this bus would be at 9:45 only. So, just imagine the importance of this bus.

Few months back everything was normal, the problem started once they changed the timings of the bus. Actually, there was no reason to change the timings also. We tried even complaining about the issue to the concerned depot that is depot 16 over telephone on this number 7760991416. But it’s of no use, the person who receives the call would just tell that the bus shift has been changed so for this shift there is shortage of drivers. I feel it’s a silly answer. Even when we contacted the Traffic Controller (TC) at Bapujinagar Satellite bus terminal, we received the same reply saying drivers are not willing to come as the bus timings is very late, so they skip the last trip. I just can’t understand how they could give such negligence answers. They say if the bus shift changes again then only the bus will come regularly else there is no other solution. If they know the solution why can’t they implement it? Again, I don’t understand why?

And it’s not one or two weeks issue, but the issue is from 4-5 months. It’s very sad that no one took any actions to solve the problem even after complaining so many times. After complaining the next two days bus will come but again the same issue. So you people expect us to complain every day so that the bus arrives regularly. Moreover, they even have a solution, but they are not ready to implement it.

What was the need to change the shift and if they are having so many issues in this shift why can’t they again change so that the bus operates regularly. It’s not just one or two who are suffering without that bus especially in those timings, more than 100 commuters relied on this bus and this was the apt bus as it would follow perfect timings.

So, I want to know what to do and whom to complain about this matter except calling to this number: 7760991416. We are fed up of hearing same answer and we just need solution it’s been 5 months the problem started. It’s really scary and difficult to travel in that area as it passes via Bangalore University campus and it’s a lonely extension area.

So please look into this matter as soon as possible. If BMTC cannot provide busses in such areas in such timings then what is the use of having so many brands of busses or receiving awards and all such useless things. First concentrate on normal commuters who actually rely on your service.

anjali said...

Hi sir,
I travel to devarabisanahalli from 8th mile everyday in bmtc buses via bel circle,Hebbal. In the morning I get many buses and there is no issue. But in the evening(6pm) while travelling back from devarabisanahalli I have to wait for hours together to catch hebbal bus. If i get bus also it will be fully rush,there will be no space to stand and some drivers dont even stop the bus. Since there are many software companies and a college in devarabisanahalli many people travel in this route everyday. Please consider this issue and leave many hebbal buses(normal bmtc) from silkboard. Please do the needful.

Geetha E
Associate Software Engineer
Sony India Software Pvt Lmtd

Anil Naik said...

Over Speeding and race between two volvo drivers and abusing each other. Playing with passengers life.

My Bus reg no is KA01-F4527
morning 8:50AM boarded from mahadevpura ring road.
Date: 22/7/2015

Requesting strong action against the driver

Kavya said...

Bus License Plate : KA 50 F 103
Bus Number : 342A
Route : Agara - Jakkasandra
Date : 31 July 2015
Time : 6:30 PM (approx)
I got onto the bus and gave the conductor a 10 Rupee note (since I just gave my last 5 Rupee on the bus that I took before). The ticket from Agara to Jakkasandra is 5 Rupees that I always have with me usually. The conductor refused to take my 10 Rupee and said that if I don't give him 5 Rupees exact, I can get off the bus. This was in the middle of the Agara village stretch. He kept asking me to get off the bus even though I had money. Finally a random passenger had to pay 5 rupees for me to the conductor and only then did he let me stay on the bus.

This is behavior that cannot be tolerated. I've come in contact with many irritated and rude bus conductors but this was the first time someone has been so rude to ask a young girl to get off the bus in the middle for no reason. I expect some action to be taken. Bus conductors need to know that there will be consequences if they behave so rudely to passengers who pay good money for these bus services.

Md Ghouse said...

hi this is imran, my first doudt is, is anyone listening this? is anyone solving problems?
let it be,
i am staying in hsr layout near opposite bda complex, daily i have to go to koramangla near forum as i am doing some petty works daily i have to travel by bus, but the problem is from bda complex there will be so many vayu vajra buses but no ordinary buses very few like k3, that is only bus i think, and also i have to walk to jakkasandra daily to take the bus which nearly 2.5 kilometers from my location, and while returning also travel back same, instead i have a suggestion for bmtc, atleast make a bus stop near the bridge and divert few buses from jakkasandra to agara via hsr layout under flyover, there are so many people facing this problem, where as buses like number 342 goes straight from jakkasandra to agara there are no houses in between, please extend the route like i suggested, thanks and regard, if someone atleast read or solve this please mail me

Shruti Bidri said...

Hello, I'm a 23 yr old working woman. I travel to peenya for my job everyday by Bus 252F from Navrang bus stop at about 9 am from past 1 year. On 8th of october when i boarded the bus from navarang, the conductor asked me to show my monthly pass.I removed it from my bag n showed it to him. But this conductor completely ignored me. I even told him to see it then he just glanced at my pass and made sure i had it. But then he told me to keep my pass in my hand itself and he told that he will see my pass later. I was really shocked why he acted like this because throughout the bus he was only making sure that everyone had pass and he did not take even a single commuter's pass in his hand to check but why he wanted to check my pass twice and that too when i have already shown it to him. Then later he came back to me and asked me to show my pass!!! this was really shocking. But i did not want to argue with the conductor so i again showed my pass to him.
I was obviously annoyed but i did not even speak a word. he himself started the arguement by saying that why are so angry to show your pass again, why can't you hold your pass in your hand if you can a hold your phone. He continued to talk about me by insulting me for about 10 mins in a bus with about more 40 commuters.then when the bus reached Mahalaxmi Layout he did not even check the monthly pass of two women. They just said they have pass and this conductor said ok. I don't understand why he did that with me. what kind of a behaviour was that. Is this the way to behave with a woman publicly that too without my mistake??? Just because I have my self-respect that does not mean that he should speak like a rowdy. And I want ask BMTC, Are rules meant for only specific people or for everyone??? And do you also have some rules for the conductors as well????
Whatever it is, i want an action to be taken against that conductor as soon as possible. He will be in Bus No. KA-50 F-110 travelling from Majestic to Peenya 2nd Stage in morning.
I really hope that my genuine complaint is taken into consideration and action will be taken against the conductor. I am ready to co-operate with BMTC reagrding this matter.

Debargho Chatterjee said...

Conductor of bus no KA 01 FA-755 extremely abusive and unprofessional when asked for change.
ITPL to Tin Factory.
19-October 2015 4:30pm

Debargho Chatterjee said...

Conductor of bus no KA 01 FA-755 extremely abusive and unprofessional when asked for change.
ITPL to Tin Factory.
19-October 2015 4:30pm

Unknown said...

There's no 45G Volvo buses these days. I've waited more than an hour for this Volvo.
Also buses doesn't go in the route assigned, from ganesh bhavan stop buses directly go to katriguppe skipping nirmala stores, srinivas nagar, bank colony, hosakerehalli. Only 335 volvo bus routes to itpl is convenient .

Manasa Anand said...

There's no 45G Volvo buses these days. I've waited more than an hour for this Volvo.
Also buses doesn't go in the route assigned, from ganesh bhavan stop buses directly go to katriguppe skipping nirmala stores, srinivas nagar, bank colony, hosakerehalli. Only 335 volvo bus routes to itpl is convenient .

Jasmine Lavi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jasmine Lavi said...

I am staying in maruthi nagar, Madiwala. my office is in jayamahal, initially frequently i will get buses to shivaji nagar.but now a days they have reduced the bus counts. i am not getting buses at all..if one bus came by 9 means next bus is coming by 9 30 only..Morning time we can adujust somewhat.because G3 is there..But evening time still more horrible to get buses from shivaji nagar to madiwala.. daily we are waiting more tha half an hour some days its extended upto more than one hour also..everyday we cant go via shanthi nagar.its also far....not only me every person facing the same problem whoever coming from please do the needful...we need buses frequently atleast 15 mins once also fine...Please consider this complaint and do the need

Subhra Mohanty said...

I just want to ask the bmtc authority that despite the petrol and diesel price has been reduced significantly since last 1 year, why there is no reduction in bus fare? When there is any hike in diesel price, bmtc does not waste much time to increase the fare, but why are they silent now? Please reduce the price as per policy and help more people use public transport.

Bhuvana Kumar said...

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is Bhuvana residing near T.C.Palya, I am an handicapp, we all who are residing in Anandpura always have issues with BMTC buses (Bus No. 301E, MF6, 313Tetc.,). we public suffer to get the buses in time, which affects us to go to office in time the result is fine & penalty to be paid in the office. And as i am an handicapp i am not able to stand for long time in the bus stops.

we don't get buses after 9:00am and after 5:30pm till 7:30pm, need to wait for 2 hrs in the eve for bus, we dont have bus stand facility like to sit in the bus stop and wait for bus, the above mentioned timings are peak hours for public to rush to office but sad thing is during that time we don't get buses.

Kindly I request on behalf of public residing in anandpura, t.c.palya, to arrange the buses for above mentioned timings.

Its our humble request to BMTC authorities and concerned departments to take action as soon as possible for the publics to travel.

Thanks & Regards,

Deepika Sanil said...

Dear Management,

The incident I am mentioning below was faced today while travelling from Javadeva to BPL Bus stop Bannergatta (Bilekalli-Gottigere), where conductor spoke to me rudely and abused for not having ticket. Meantime, I was waiting for conductor to issue me a ticket. Wherein he is not at all interested to do his job rather than sitting in his seat and plugged his ears listening music. It was conductors duty to look how many passengers got in to the bus and issue the ticket. While getting down,Ii asked for the ticket. But the conductor was so rude and warned me not to travel in his bus again and abused for the same. I tried to make conductor understand on the issue, but still he was behaving rudely.

I use regular public transport to travel and if the conductor behaves like this before starting a day, then how would you mean to say BMTC as a public transporter.

Its our humble request to BMTC authorities and concerned departments to take action as soon as possible for the public to travel.

T. NO. 27
C - 365/24
TIME : 09:41:48
TKN NO 13916

Many Thanks,

RANJAN JHA said...

I have got in BMTC normal Bus from Jayanagar East End Circle and asked for Jayanagar 4th Block ticket. But conductor took 15 RS and and gave me ticket for Rs 5, when asked for Rs 15 ticket, he said no one going to check the ticket, you shut your mouth and sit back. Later he started his conversation with a passenger in kanada language and started abusing (by that time only 3-4 passengers were in bus).

Further he said you North Indians will be beaten up very badly and continued abusing like a mad. Politely I conveyed to other passenger that only I asked for ticket?? Then he started beating me, no one stopped him because I was north Indian. Then I had no options left and ran away from moving bus near cool join(Jayanagar 4th Block) and started running to bus the depot as they might have likely snatched my mobile and laptop as well.

I complaint in BMTC office there. He asked me that don't worry, definitely will take action on him, first show me your ticket. Very wisely he managed to keep ticket with himself. When I asked him to register a complain then he said we take only BMTC Valvo complaints not for normal buses and also now you have no more ticket so no proof at all. When I asked to return my ticket so that I can go to police station for complaint then he also started abusing me.

Finally I went to Jayanagar 4th block police station. Inspector sent one police constable with me to BMTC office and they had some conversation in Kanada. Later he started threatening me that this bus ticket is forgery/duplicate. Where did you get this duplicate ticket?? When they realized that I am recording every thing creepily then they gave me piece of paper and asked me to write a complaint, but I din't get any complaint number. And I am sure they are not going to take any action on that bus conductor.

Now I really scared and thinking :-
-- Don't be honest, it costs.
-- Better help a corrupt people and keep quite.

Hope for good response from BMTC higher authority.

For your reference I have attached the bus ticket here.
Also note that Ticket No.- AL83 048550

Please let me know if further clarification is needed and you can always reach to me at


RANJAN JHA said...

I have got in BMTC normal Bus from Jayanagar East End Circle and asked for Jayanagar 4th Block ticket. But conductor took 15 RS and and gave me ticket for Rs 5, when asked for Rs 15 ticket, he said no one going to check the ticket, you shut your mouth and sit back. Later he started his conversation with a passenger in kanada language and started abusing (by that time only 3-4 passengers were in bus).

Further he said you North Indians will be beaten up very badly and continued abusing like a mad. Politely I conveyed to other passenger that only I asked for ticket?? Then he started beating me, no one stopped him because I was north Indian. Then I had no options left and ran away from moving bus near cool join(Jayanagar 4th Block) and started running to bus the depot as they might have likely snatched my mobile and laptop as well.

I complaint in BMTC office there. He asked me that don't worry, definitely will take action on him, first show me your ticket. Very wisely he managed to keep ticket with himself. When I asked him to register a complain then he said we take only BMTC Valvo complaints not for normal buses and also now you have no more ticket so no proof at all. When I asked to return my ticket so that I can go to police station for complaint then he also started abusing me.

Finally I went to Jayanagar 4th block police station. Inspector sent one police constable with me to BMTC office and they had some conversation in Kanada. Later he started threatening me that this bus ticket is forgery/duplicate. Where did you get this duplicate ticket?? When they realized that I am recording every thing creepily then they gave me piece of paper and asked me to write a complaint, but I din't get any complaint number. And I am sure they are not going to take any action on that bus conductor.

Now I really scared and thinking :-
-- Don't be honest, it costs.
-- Better help a corrupt people and keep quite.

Hope for good response from BMTC higher authority.

For your reference I have attached the bus ticket here.
Also note that Ticket No.- AL83 048550

Please let me know if further clarification is needed and you can always reach to me at


arun said...

27th may time 8:30...bus from majestic to attible KBS3A bus no KA57 - F1218 this bus conductor using vulger words on passenger and he bet one passenger by his ticket machine rope and pushed away from the bus..this is very this is happenings continuously so pls take necessary action on that bus as passenger I m requesting from BMTC to remove this kind of misbehaviour conductor. if this thinks happened again as a passenger we planned to compliant against BMTC in news channels and human rights we trust BMTC corporation will take necessary action.thank you.

Chandresh Khaneja said...

Dear Sir :

I am regular traveller in 335E BMTC Volvo bus from Domlur to Marathahalli bridge.

Bus Number - KA - 01 - FA - 1680

Today Wed 01-June-2016 ; I boarded 335E Volvo bus from Calrton tower at Domlur bridge (opposite Diamond district). It was raining heavily and bus was crowded. I was standing on second row seat next to lady and her 5 year old daughter. The bus conductor wanted to pass through and he held my hand and roughly speaking to me he pushed me. I asked him why he was talking in rough language and asked him to speak softly and behave himself.
Before even I could realize, he pushed me so hard that my laptop bag and umbrella fell on the ground and I was thrown back.

I was assaulted and beaten up by Conductor - he pushed me, hit me on my face. He was also behaving roughly and pushing women passengers. Conductor also threatened me and used racist language. I have lodged complaint in BMTC call center - Complaint Number BMTCC10163351 and BMTCC10163355. Pl help I am scared for my life.

I have taken his photograph
Pl help

In anticipation of fair action against conductor

Lakkanna Channappa said...

there is no normal bus on 9pm from vydehi hospital bus stand to kempegowda bus station

Unknown said...

CCTV compalsoury Madi yakandre nanu ninne tinfactory inda ramamurthynagar hogbekadre nan Mobile kalavu agide hange tumbane janakke tondre agthide.

Make CCTV compalsoury in every buses because yesterday I lost my mobile phone

shiva kumar said...

hi nanu to day 7;30 am 31 .10 .2017 kr puram nida bhattrahalli ge bus nali bande bus;ka-01 fa-397. bus morning depo dida bandide yavo depo anth gothila bus situ thumba galiju thumba dust a bus conduc kelidare nana enuke kelithira depo dali keli anth helidhru swamy navu janagalu danagalu alla kuthaloke. edu nimma bus clean agi hitakoli anth helithra nivu eastu clean agi hitakodidira anth kansatha ide cleaning job idare heli swamy thumba janake job illa. nana athara situ photo ide en parihara madithira idake heli

Unknown said...

Hi my self Kiran,my complaint is about no bus service on time.
Today I came majestic around 8:25pm by that time onwards no buses for nelmangala i.e..258c/cc.finally after I got one bus by 9:50pm.that is for only for makali bus number 257A.
More over all I wasted one hour 15minutes here.
Instead I can go by k.s.r.t.c bus ..
Why we(public)by monthly bus pass to travel in b.m.t.c.
Really now a days providing worst service in current daily routine schedule as per they fixed timings for their comfortable....

Mithun Manjunath said...

This incident happened today around 6:30pm To wat Forum Mall bus stop which is in the vicinity to Big Bazaar.

My neck was held by the govt BMTC Bus conductor who was on duty. He abused me!with extremely inappropriate and vulgar words in kannada language ( he even involved my family members constantly while cursing me), He held my throat tightly and I was out of breath and choking and I was pushed out of the bus in the middle of the road.

Just because the bus was about 10 foot far from the bus stop and I tried to get on the bus he has done this to me.



I could have died.


Bus was going to bommanahalli


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Unknown said...

4am to 5-30 am no buses from mekri circle to yeshwantpur please kindly make availability otherwise close this 3rd grade services yeshwantpur to makri circle hourly one bus is there.bmtc unfit earlier government was maintained

Suhas Vinod said...

There are very buses from TCPalya to Ramamurthy Nagar. Even alloted few buses do not come and go in time. Pathetic planning for BMTC buses towards this route. There are thousands of people using this route bus. There are no mf2 buses, 301e/f as they wish and stop at the bustop for longer time and never start the bus in time.. they dont even strict to a fixed time. People wait hours in the bustop to reach destination.Request you to increase more buses to this route and make sure driver come and go at the strict timings.

Dakshit Prasad said...

Hi...this s Dakshit prasad as I wil travel n 507 PS bus no.kA.01FA0703. 22 depot ........The conductor s nt allowing d driver to stop n bel market......this regularly goes on if I ask reason conductor talking plz kindly take action on my complaint.

Shruthi said...


Yesterday i.e on 19-dec-2017, i was travelling from silkboard to kadubeesanahalli(JP Morgan) in BMTC bus no: KA57F2656(bus route:silk board to hebbal) at around 2:00 pm.Driver himself was managing both issuing tickets and driving.He issued the ticket to me when i boarded and he wrote the change to be given to me on back of the ticket, when i was about to get down at my bus stop, I asked him for the change, he took my ticket back and gave me change but didnt return my ticket even when asked for it. And he had few already issued tickets also with him.Also I saw him giving the same issued tickets to other passengers who board later.This is a very common problem with many of the drivers and conductors too who work in BMTC.
Please look into this matter and try to take an action against these kind of issues.

Looking forward for the co-operation.

Thanks & Regards,