Thursday, April 21, 2011

BMTC Phone number

If you want to contact BMTC here is toll free number 1800 425 1663

Friday, November 26, 2010

Easily Find BMTC bus route with Google Transit Maps

BMTC has joined with Google maps to show BMTC bus route in google maps transit. Presently  Vajra, Vayu Vajra (Airport Dedicated) and Big-10 services are covered by Google Transit.
With this facility you can find the BMTC bus routes with bus number, travel time between two places etc. You can specifically search for current bus timing as a well and of any day.
Here is how you can the find bmtc bus route using Google Transit Map.
1) Go  to google maps.
First search for Bangalore map
2) then under Get directions choose the image of train for selecting  Google Transit.
3) Under this option you can select your current place and the place you have to travel to know which all bmtc buses ply in that route.
4) Select  date of journey and time and click on directions
Then you will get all the travel options and buses with no etc. Choose one bus and it will give the bus route and travel time to your destination.
You can get Google Transit in your mobile as well.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Make BMTC complaints online

Now you can make BMTC complaints online. You can register BMTC complaints regarding these problems
  • Ticket not issued
  • Abusive behaviour by driver or conductor
  • Conductor demanding more than normal ticket fare
  • Driver talking on the phone
  • Driver over-speeding
However you need have following information to make your BMTC complaints
Route number*      (e.g. 95A)
Location (nearby stop)*      (e.g. after Water Tank bus stop)
Date - Time*     — :
Bus Registration Number      (important)
Contact Email Address      (optional)
Conductor name      (if known)
Upload photo etc

So go and make your BMTC complaints Here

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BMTC New Website:

Are you looking for bmtc information?
The official bmtc bangalore website is and not New website website site has all the information you looking for like bmtc careers, bmtc bus timimgs, bus pass details etc. If you want to go to bmtc official website click here.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New BMTC website

BMTC Bangalore has updated their website. In the new website, the bmtc bus routes of Vayu Vajra ( BIAL volvo Buses,Vajra (Volvo) , Big1o, Suvarna, Puspak buses are given. But the route map is still not working properly. But you can get many other useful information about BMTC.

Friday, October 3, 2008

How to find the Bangalore BMTC bus route

BMTC bangalore bus routes can be identified through its route numbers. BMTC website offers a interactive way of searching the bus routes through its online BMTC route map. If you know the bus route no, you can get the timetable and schedule of all the buses in that route. If you don't know the route number you can find the buses and the route no between two destinations by selecting your origin and destination places.
The website also gives the route map, average time, distance in kms and various stops for a particular bus route. For example, in a route if there is no direct bus it will suggest alternate routes and buses between the main bus stations. Eventhough it is not up to date, it is very handy for knowing the timetable of BMTC bus routes and to find bus route no to schedule your travel.
Beside this online system, BMTC also publishes its timetable and is available at major bus stations and book shops.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BMTC: Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation

If you are in Bangalore and if you don't own personal means of transport, then the only way to go from place to place is to use the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation(BMTC) buses.
BMTC was incorporated into a separate entity after bifurcating from KSRTC on Aug 1997. BMTC caters to the transportion needs of Bangalore by offering quality bus services in various routes including AC volvo buses.
BMTC operates different types of buses and services. Black board buses ply within the city limits. Red board buses connects the villages surrounding Bangalore. Puspak buses are limited stop buses and the charges are more. Now they offer more AC volvo buses in different routes. They have more than 69 Vayuvarjra and Suvarna branded services to Bangalore International Airport (BIAL). Interestingly they have special buses for ladies, sick and pass only buses.
More information you can visit the BMTC website.